Being too picky?

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  1. I just purchased the red epi medium agenda last night, and just noticed one of my ring closures isn't properly aligned. Again, I just bought this last night from Saks, so I'm sure I can take it back today to exchange it. Take a look and tell me if it's really a big deal, or if I'm being too picky. For $480, I want all the ring closures to match up perfectly. (LOL)

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. That would bother me. I would call them and tell them you're coming in to exchange it for a new one.
  3. Exchange'll notice it everytime you open up that agenda!!! For the money, it needs to be perfect or as near as it can get!
  4. THat is not good. Take it back. You're not being picky.
  5. that's right! do bring it back for an exchange. :smile:
  6. I would def bring it back.
  7. Definitely take it back. It'll catch on your paper as you're turning the pages and be super annoying.
  8. Yes, take it back because over time it will just get worse.
  9. I don't think you're too picky. That's a defect I would not accept too. Change it! :smile:
  10. I'd call the s/a and find out if they have another in-store, let them kow you're wanting to exchange it and let them know why. For the price that would bother me. I'd wonder if its going to break.:sad:
  11. it would super bother me! id be right back there asking for another one :smile:
  12. Yep, I would return it as well. Not only is it going to get worse as time goes on, but it going to tear the wholes of your refill as you use it. For that kind of money, they should line up perfectly imo.
  13. You need to exchange it! You're papers will rip and get stuck. Basically it's worthless with the alignment off. That sometimes happens to me on my binders for school (which do not cost $480 they cost $5) and I just have to throw them away. Return it!!! But ps it's a really cute purchase!
  14. definitely exchange it :yes:
  15. I would take it back.