beige petit shopping tote?

  1. Hey, i'm looking to buy my first chanel and decided that it will be a beige petit shopping tote!! Any ideas where I can buy this and how much it costs?? TIA! :yes:
  2. not sure where you can find this but I'm sure if your local Chanel boutique doesnt have it, they can locate one for you.

    It's $1095
  3. Right now it's $1095.
    There is a price increase supposedly scheduled for Feb. 1st. I'm not sure if this bag will be affected or not in the price increase, but my SA says it probably will because it didn't go up last year so there may be a price increase on it this year.

    If you can't find it in the boutique, they can do a locate for you and have it sent to your house.

    PM me if you want the name and # of my SA at Saks.
  4. Thank you both! I hope it isn't affected by the price increase....feb 1st..that's so soon! :crybaby: