Beige, black or white???

  1. Hi girls, I'm thinking of getting a medium Cambon tote but I can't decide on the color! Shall it be the beige-black, black on black, black-white, or white-black???

    ARGHHHHH :amazed: I am soooo confused.

    And did someone say Chanel sales will be on this Oct?
  2. I really don't think you could go wrong with all those color combos (not much help huh?).

    Beige-black is GREAT for summer, and I would get the white with Black CC just because I want one in this combo myself!!
  3. I like all. I prefer bl/bl instead of bl/wh just coz I'm scared of dirt and scrape markings.

    I have the beige/bl too, and in my head, I use it replacing LV Mono Canvas bags
  4. black/black
  5. I have a black w/white bowling bag and I agree black/black would be better.
  6. I have a Black w/White Cambon bowler and I love the color combo. Its one of my few black bags. But, I would also love to have the White w/Black. Although I would be really worried about getting it dirty.
  7. You may not have much of a choice really. . . beige/black was clearanced here.
    I prefer B/B personally!
  8. I like black/white or white/black.

    white/black was my favorite combo in the cambon line but then the thought of me with white bags gave me the shivers so I went for black/white
  9. I vote black/white (beacuse that's what I have) or black/black. You can't go wrong with any of the colors, they all look great!
  10. I like biege/black, the color combo just screams Chanel to me.
  11. I love black/white. I like the fact that the white CCs make the bag pop. I love show off bags so I'm not really big on black/black. I need to feel like my 1375 went somewhere.
  12. black/white or white/black

    I like the contrast
  13. I like beige/back for the tote, if you can find it. Black/black would be my next choice.
  14. I prefer the black/black
  15. 1. Black/Black
    2. Black/White
    3. Beige/Black
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