BEHOLD!!! My sexy Rouge Vif.....!!!

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  1. Finally!!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    I got my baby from Aloha Rag and here she is!!! The most beautiful red and the thickest and most sumptious leather!!!

    I'm sooooooooooo in love :love:
  2. Lucky you!! I just got a gorgeous rouge vif from aloha rag too! They must have gotten in a bunch of gorgeous ones!!!
  3. Congrats, it's beautiful!
  4. Congratulations!!! I got my Rouge Vif City from Aloha Rag as well. Great choice!!!:yahoo:
  5. Congratulations, it looks awesome!
  6. Omigod!:wtf: placed your gorgeous bag on some dirty pavement! Just kidding....Congrats, sweetie!
  7. looks sooooo nice! congrats!
  8. ok FINE - stuff this purse ban stuff... I'm going to get a ROUGE VIF!!! :drool:

    Macvogue - your b-bag is HOT!!! Congrats and have fun using her!!!
  9. Gorgeous!! Congrats, macvogue! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    p.s. Go, helen, go!! :wlae: :nuts:
  10. oh my she's so beautiful. why are u girls doing this to me the more ppl that post their rouge vif's the more i want one
  11. Wow!!! It looks gorgeous!!! Congrats!:yahoo:
  12. Thanks everyone :shame:

    :roflmfao:Pursemama, it's not really a pavement, it's actually a bench and I practically sterilised and disinfected it before I placed my baby there :P
  13. It's beautiful! Congrats and enjoy!
  14. Great bag!! I love all the Rouge Vifs that you ladies are getting!
  15. That is truly GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!:love:
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