Begining My very own Purse Collection

  1. :nuts: Got 2 New Purses this Morning...
    I had 2 send my gold bowling back because the gold was rubbing off:crybaby:
    But at least I get store credit :drool: That means I have decisions to make:graucho:
    I dont have that much time though... 11th grade means more responsibilities:Push: But I grin and bear it.

    View attachment 68512

    View attachment 68513
  2. I would love to see your pics, but I dont think the link is correct.
  3. Me too, I can't see anything.
  4. Ditto!
  5. All 3 Chanels are gorgeous! Great selections...:heart: :heart: :heart:
  6. ^ How'd you see them ? Cute dog BTW .
  7. I clicked on the 2nd attachment and they just came up. Thanks!
  8. ^ That's weird it just says I followed an invalid link . Maybe it's because I'm on a Mac ? I'll check it out when I get to work .
  9. Yeah, I just switched back to Gateway froma mac. I was having all kinds of problems with links, I'm not all that computer savy. Good luck viewing. The bags she has are a 2 reissues a black and bronze and a coco cabas!
  10. :sad: The links dont work for me either!
  11. Can't see anything from the link. Could you try again?
  12. The links are not working for me either...
  13. I went ahead and copied them for you all, hopefully you can see them now.:yes:
  14. Great collection so far - it's nice that you have both classic bags like the flap and the hot Coco Cabas!

    LOL, I wish I had bags like that in grade 11... you're very lucky! Congrats!
  15. Ooooh they're all lovely, I'm still hankering for a reissue but I've never quite got it together enough to get one !
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