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  1. hi ladies - haven't posted for a while (got a part-time job at starbucks to supplement my website) but wanted to share a review of two begeren bags: the moorea tote, and the venice hobo. here's a link to the full list of reviews:

    and some pics...i got the pink moorea tote and the white venice hobo. i love them both, but the moorea tote is so unique, i find i carry it more often. it's really easy to get into and it's reinforced at the bottom so it doesn't loose it's shape. it's also very light, so even when i add my wallet and makeup bag, it's still light.

    hope the reviews help!!
    mooreatote.jpg anthdress_front.jpg tubedress_side.jpg
  2. lol i just got finished reading this
  3. Hi grechen, this is not-your-stalker speaking :smile: I was wondering what had happened to you. Thanks for the reviews.
  4. lol passerby :smile:...
    you're welcome for the reviews! i know there were quite a few ladies around who wondered about these bags IRL. I'm really enjoying mine!
  5. I received my Moorea tote today, in green.

    I have to say that I am highly impressed by the quality. The lambskin is so soft and best of all is the lining...
  6. This is really cute. I would be interested to see hwo this bag stands up
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