Before I order... I have a quick question.

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  1. HI... I am going to order me a White MC Wapity case but before I do I need to ask a few quick questions.
    1: Does the red lining inside bleed through? I have heard it some where on here before so this worries me
    2: Does the White MC colors hold up pretty good? I baby most of my things, really easy on them but I am concern about the colors rubbing off
    I want to order this ASAP so please if you have one tell me what you think or at least what you have heard about them.
    Thanks :tender:
  2. i have a black MC wapity and its holding up pretty well. there is a little bit of logo rubbing off on the corners due to wear and tear (its just the natural life of MC). the bleed issue has been resolved, but if it happens to you, take it back to the boutique immediately.
  3. I think they fixed the problem of the red lining bleeding through, so I don't think you need to worry about that. The colors should hold up as long as you don't beat it to death...they will rub off a little over time as that's their nature, but just enjoy it and you'll be fine!
  4. Yeah, just as long as you don't brush the corners along a wall or rough surfaces, the colors should hold up pretty well!
  5. I love the MC Wapity!
  6. It's just how MC is. Unfortunately through time, the colors do come off, especially on the corners. It takes a long time though. Get it and enjoy it!!