Been Bad Again...won a CB pochette!!!!!

  1. Couldn't resist this CB pochette yesterday so I bidded and WON yay isn't it puuurrrdddyyy?!:yahoo:

    Wow I've been very bad lately...but I got it for a pretty low price so that makes it okay, right???:confused1:

    CB1.jpg CB2.jpg CB3.jpg CB4.jpg CB5.jpg
  2. Congrats!!!!:yahoo: Low price:nuts: ...yeah you're fine girlie! Post more pics when you get it!!!;)
  3. congratulations!

    good buy!

    i :heart: it!

    surely purse bans don't work for a girl who loves the finer things in life!
  4. Wow, congrats..! Seems like you have some pretty great stuffs on their way to you recently... :graucho:
  5. You go girl! :wlae:
  6. congrats girl! btw we are having a sydney meeting for the tPF members so lee and lv obssessed would you like to come? the thread is on the general forum (second page by now) we are still deciding on a dat but it will be lunch on a saturday in Martin place
  7. Congrats!!!
    I also saw this bidding but didnt take any action :P
    So cute, gal
    Enjoy your new pochette!

  8. Ooooh sounds good, I don't live in Sydney though (I'm about 3 hours away) but I'll see if I can come!!! Thanks!!!:flowers:
  9. really? i though you did ill pm you when a date and time (lunch-ish) is decided upon hope you come it will be great
  10. Great purchase:yahoo:
  11. sqweet!
  12. Ooh I :heart: it!!! I've always wanted a cherry blossom pochette like that or in the pink.:drool:
  13. ooo.. i love CB pochette... especially the cute bow! congrats!
  14. Fantastic
  15. Love it! So cute! Congrats!