BEEE-UUUTIFUL 04 Rose Twiggy

  1. That color is fabulous!
  2. I love it!!!! Good luck to the seller.
  3. Gorgeous bag! Good luck, odd!:flowers:
  4. Oh Odd you decided not to keep her :sad: Best of luck w/the sale! I'm sure it'll go quickly for you!
  5. thanks ladies :flowers: i love my 04 rose but just won an 05 turq city...i had to let one go :crybaby:

    twinklette ~ is that your 04 rose city? i am so eye-ing that beauty...the city is progressively becoming my favorite over the twiggy. my funds need recouping though...:Push:
  6. ooohh.... so pretty! I cant believe you have all the cards and assorted accoutrements! wowzas!
  7. mocean ~ it didn't come w/ the extra tassles. other than that, this bag is beautimus :love:
  8. Yes it is Odd! I PM'd you ;)