Beckham's new shoes

  1. I like them:greengrin:

  2. Are those Sergio Rossi?
  3. Yuck! I hate them, they look too fetishy for me!
  4. Wow! :wtf:
    They are definitely not my style, but they look sexy !
  5. She looks awkward in them though, bit too high heeled. ;)
  6. Ouch! I don't know how she managed to walk around in them.
  7. Her foot looks too wide for them.
  8. Wow, I can wear some high heels, but those look INCREDIBLY painful! LOL And, I agree with some of the previous posters, she looks awkward and uncomfortable in them.
  9. HOLY COW. Those are so high they just look weird.
  10. wow! not sure what to think of those ... she does look a bit tipy in them.
  11. The first thing that came to my head: OUCH! :push:

    How is it possible to walk in those?!
  12. It gives me pain just to look at it :sweatdrop:

    esp knowing she has bunions on both feet..

  13. They look painful!!!
  14. geez they look so hard to walk in
  15. this girl, i think she tries too hard sometimes...but to each his own!