because I love to hear tpf's opinion


Which one?

  1. neverfull MM

  2. batignolles verticales

  3. something else... please specify

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  1. I'm going to lv tomorrow and might get a little something before the price increase.
    I'm debating over neverful MM and batignolles verticales (but the denim baggy and a cles is on my list too...)

    Thanks for helping me choose!
  2. Hmm
    Batignolles i think
    Cause the Neverful is Cheapish anyway so yah!
    Can't wait to see pictures of whaty you buy!!
  3. Batignolles for sure.
  4. I read somewhere that someone's SA confirmed the increase but said that the Neverfull won't be affected?

    So get the BV :smile:
  5. Batignolles. :yes:
  6. Since you said that you were also interested in the denim baggy, I would get that piece because it is the most expensive piece you have listed and I doubt the other pieces will get as expensive even after the price increase.
  7. I voted for the Batignolles...I think you might get more use out of it than a neverfull.
  8. get the neverfull, price is amazing for LV.
  9. Batignolles all the way!!!!

    however...the denim baggy is being maybe that is a better buy!
  10. I said BV cause I'm still a little concerned about the Neverfull lining issues!
  11. I looked at the Neverfall in store today. The two I examined closly both had the misaligned seam. Something like that would bother me a great deal as I heard it seems to be a problem w/ the Neverfull.

    Also, the straps on Neverfull seem too thin & out of proportion.
  12. Batignolles!
  13. I vote for the denim baggy since it is not longer being made, and before the $1370 price tag gets any higher !!
  14. batignolles b/c its chic and practical.
  15. I would go with the denim baggy as I read on another thread this is going to be discontinued in a few months.