Beauty Salon Dilemma

  1. I always wonder what to do with my purse when I get my haircut. The counter is too crowded. The floor with bits of hair all around no no no. So where do you put your bag? I end up with mine on my lap. Where does yours end up?
  2. I either keep it in my lap or I put a magazine on the floor in a protected stop (under the counter) and put my bag on top of the magazine....
  3. If I remember, I'll take a small messenger and just carry it cross body. Most of the time, I forget. But I generally get my hair cuts at non-busy times, so I'll put it in the chair next to me.
  4. Your stylist should have a cabinet at her station, at which she keeps her own tools. She probably keeps her own handbag in there too -- you could ask her to put yours in there as well.
  5. I generally use a bag hook and hang it off the counter in front of me :smile:
  6. The Magazine idea is a good one. My hairdresser has a hook on the wall next to his station where I can hang my purse. I love him.
  7. sits on my lap under my cape. this way no one touches it and nothing happens to it.
  8. I've noticed that good and considerate stylists usually volunteer to put my bag on their workspace counter or in their drawer without me asking, especially female stylists.
  9. In my lap. I take a smaller bag to the salon for this reason!
  10. I hold my bag on my lap under the cape.

    To the ladies that keep it in a chair next to them or on hooks, isn't it a hassle to move it around when washing your hair or being under the hairdryer?
  11. I carry a clutch with just the basics and keep it on my lap, under the cape.
  12. My salon has little wee tables next to each station to put magazines and bags. I always thought that was an ingenious touch. I usually do try to just bring a clutch or wristlet, though, so it's not in the way.
  13. on my lap!

    ...speaking of haircuts i think i'm past due:nogood:
  14. I carry a large purse and I never know where I'm coming from to my hair appt. so I am just resigned to keeping it on my lap throughout the whole process (which can be lengthy in my case). I love looking at all the designer bags all over the salon, it gives me ideas!!
  15. I try to take a small bag (like a pochette size) with just my essentials that I can keep on my lap protected under the tarp. If not, then I'd ask my stylist to put it away in the cabinet of her station.