BEAUTIFUL LV DRESS, and a bargain

  1. OMG!!!! I love it!!!! It's my size....but for some reason it seems kinda small...
  2. Oh that's so cute, it's the Uma dress !
  3. thats a cute dress!
  4. Cool site, do they sell upscale consignment or something?
  5. Yep, thats what it seems like to me.
  6. What a chic dress!!!! That is a steal for LV.
  7. It looks very Sex and the City. :amuse: I could see Carrie or Samantha in that dress.
  8. It's very cute. But it does look very small.
  9. Ooooooooh, very chic.
  10. Not only do I want that dress, I also want to have a function to wear it to! Unless I can grocery shop or schlep kids around in it.
  11. It is gorgeous, and if I remember right there were some shoes that went with it too.
  12. Gorgeous dress!
  13. Very cute.
  14. omg, simply gorgeous!!