Beatrice Messenger

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  1. Does anybody own the Beatrice Messenger (not the oversized)? I was looking at it on the website last week and now it is not there. I did call the Madison Avenue, NYC store last week and the gentleman who I spoke with talked me out of the bag saying that it was not practical and a little too thin.

    I was hoping to get some other opinions as I thought it looked like a nice bag and a nice size. However, my concern was (is) that it as a little to thin.

    I am also thinking that the stores may still carry it even if it isn't on line.

    Any advice would be great :smile:


  2. I spent ages Tegan trying to decide between this and the oversized hobo. I prefer the bag size on the messenger but the strap let it down for me. The strap on the Hobo is lovely IMO. Broad but beautifully shaped. As seen in this pic. The strap on the messenger was far too unsubstantial for me. Thin and meagre Maybe better on a thinner girl.. It also doubles up to be a shoulder bag but there is no embellishment on the strap and it looks very plain. The Daria Satchel does this to but the pleated section gives it a lux look IMO.

    As for being light, yes the whole range in goatskin is light. But beautifully light not cheap and tacky light. Nubuck however may be different and the purple/black patent strap on those may look better than the tan did.

    I don't get why messenger straps are so problematical to Mulberry. Shimmy doesnt cross body properly unless you are skinny, Alexa appears to require extra holes punched in even if you are a common sized woman.

    I prefer the canvassy ones sometimes. They are so easy!

    I hope you get into an NYC store to get a look for yourself.

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  3. Corries, thanks so much! Your comments about the strap was something the gentleman at the store told me people had complained about. The size of the bag is a much nicer sizer than the tote or the hobo. It is nice to have a longer bag so there isn't always something directly underneath your arm.

    I guess Mulberry fells that many women wear messenger bags across the body and the thinner strap does this better?

    The Mulberry store near me is several hours away so it isn't easy to get to. Maybe I could have them ship it to me and if I didn't like it, ship it right back.

    Decisions, decisions :smile:

    They should get our opinion when it comes to the straps :smile:
  4. It's the Mushroom Beatrice Hobo I have and the Mushroom Messenger I also tried. I think it's the tan strap that was my issue. I wouldn't have minded it so much in Black or Blueberry. Bottom line tegan is that it's sold out here, so many people are happy with it. I know I would never have worn it as a messenger and that defeats the purpose. I'd go for ordering it from Madison Ave or Bleecker St. It may be worth the P&P to get it out your system?

  5. Thanks so much Corries.

    Sometimes the longer strap is nicer as one doesn't always have to take the bag off the shoulder to get a purse out or sunglasses.

    There are so many beautiful many....

    Have a wonderful day!!!
  6. you too tegan:yahoo:
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