Bearn owners, a question

  1. Do you find it difficult at first to slide the leather tab through the metal closure?

    I've just gotten my raisin chevre Bearn and I'm having trouble opening and closing it. I'm afraid to damage the leather if I force it through. Has this happened to anyone else? :crybaby:
  2. Yes, and the older it gets the softer it gets which makes it harder to close (only because it isnt stiff but it does slide in easier once you put it through) I feel that Im wearing it out each time I open and close it. I really wish it was a magnetic closure.
  3. Yes yes yes!

    I have that problem. I thought it was only because my Bearn (compact) is in ostrich and the "eyes" catch on the H clasp.

    There is a way to do it that makes it easier. You push it through with the thumb, but not the ball of the thumb. I use the part of my thumb where the joint is, just below the ball of the thumb. It seems to push it through better.

    It also becomes easier to push through when the wallet is more full.
  4. Yes..on a compact bearn I own, (also ostrich) SA said I can take it in to have it "fixed". I also own 2 other bearns and the closure strap slides in perfectly....
  5. Phew, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I couldn't have faced giving it back and waiting another few months for a new one to come along! Thanks ladies :flowers:
    The box raisin which I also was presented with didn't have this problem but it's box, it would be heartache with every scratch...
  6. ^^ Perja, would you like to post pictures of your raisin chevre Bearn? I have not seen raisin in chevre, and now that raisin has been discontinued, I will never get to see it at my local H store. I just have to live vicariously with your raisin chevre Bearn! LOL
  7. Congrats Perja, on your raisin chevre Bearn!!! I adore this colour. So sad it's being discontinued.
  8. Most definitely when I get home ;)
  9. I am contemplating a compact one myself - does this happen on the larger ones as well??
  10. King of Prussia has a raisen karo in chevre $570.00 as of yesterday
  11. Well, it was a tight squeeze at first... but then I never close it, (lazy I guess,:shame: ) I just flop it shut, and dropp it in my bag :s
  12. Do they ship overseas? :wtf: What size? And more importantly, how can I get my H-banned grubby mitts on it?

    ETA: How come Raisin stuff is coming out when we've been told that it was discontinued (not that I doubt my source but well...)
  13. Question -- I understand bearns come in alligator, but what about croc ?? (I read this somewhere here on forum.....)
  14. I saw a croc. bearn in nilo(symbol with two dots). Nilo. croc. bearn was cheaper than alligator bearn. Nilo croc. bearn was ~$3200 before tax. I heard that porosus bearn bi-fold is little over $3500 before tax..Alligator is about ~$3400 before tax.
  15. Perja - sorry I don't know if they ship overseas = their phone no. is on under Philadelphia area.