BE spring sale

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  1. I am interested in what everyone is planning to buy on Wednesday.
    Please share what you are dreaming of! Or perhaps you don't want to say in case someone else beats you to it? :bagslap:
    Are you looking for something in stock, or something more unusual to pop up?

    Me personally, I have been wrestling with a grey glossy bag demon but i think i have won and I will be sitting out this sale and waiting for my spring bag. I am not planning to purchase many bags in 2009. I have a seriously wonderful collection that is beyond my wildest dreams. I going to sit back and enjoy my lovely bags but let me live vicariously through your purchases on Wednesday! :P
  2. I totally agree... I need to enjoy my bags ... and dont want to purchase more than 5 bags during 2009... Tricky!:sweatdrop:
  3. Excuse me but this sounds very like the Mindful Thread. You are not actually saying what you would buy.
  4. Yeah, there's some overlapping... but wait for the fanatics to chime in... all our mindfulness will be gone in a matter of seconds!
  5. well ideally i would like a silver kiss me clutch but since once isnt available.... jenova what are you buying?
  6. Not really sure that I am:

    About a month ago it would have been a Plum Crash AP but they sold out
    Considered Plum Crash KM but wouldn't use it much
    Considered Choco Matte TME but think it is a bit dull
    There are no LMs or TMAs
    The LM Mini is a colour that I have already in a SM and I think small bags should have zip tops anyway
    Don't like strong horizontal and vertical lines on a gathered top bag so not the WTM
    One MMS Midi is sufficient for me
    Have a Mottled Gold I'm Yours so don't want the SM
    Have 2 Hug Mes already and don't want more.

  7. I am a bit stressed after reading your list... I think i'll have an early night in order to process all the info....
  8. you didnt mention a Hold me jenova :graucho:
  9. I won't be buying but if I did it would be an angel purse or a TME.
  10. The only thing I'm THINKING ABOUT is a MMS, not sure how much of a difference there is in the sizes. Although deliberating between that and another designer bag, as want something smaller and more hands free. Maybe I should venture out a little more. :thinking:Really don't need another AP, although the new spring colours are funky......there's plenty of time to get them! I suppose my reasoning behind my purchases, is 'If I luuuurrrve it, then buy it'.....we'll see!! :yes:
  11. #11 Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
    If they have a regular HGM chocolate glossy (which I really doubt)- but if one pops up- then I'll be all over it- Or- a light colored HGM like in tan (have they ever made one in tan?
    or a TME midi- in pewter, or black crash
  12. I am considering a take me away overnighter if they have one in the sale...
  13. I would love to get an AP and/or a SM...and a PM. Also considering a Hold Me.

    I have actually put a little note by the computer reminding me of what I am really looking for, so that I focus and don't go crazy getting stuff that I don't really need!!!
  14. :tup: good idea Loquita! I've been trying to organize (in my mind):nuts:
    exactly what I'm looking for in the sale, if it's not there I'm off to work. Don't want to get caught up in the excitement. I want a mms for the late summer / fall and that will be a bespoke, but I wouldn't mind something in black crash.
  15. I actually have talked myself into BEHAVING for this sale-instead, I am going to buy new messenger straps for my Hug Me's and remind myself that any other money is to be saved for my spring pre-order! :smile: I can live vicariously through all of you though!