be responsible or buy the l.e. bag???

  1. i really don't know what to do... i love this bag, but i really will need to pay for it on the side, in time (off my cc). i could save up and buy it in a few months, but will it be there??? do i NEED it? i'm an addict. that's the first step, right? admitting it? :confused1:
  2. buy LE buy LE!
    i mean if u really do regret it in the end u can always sell it right?
    and u prolly wunt regret it!! cuz by then there will be no more and u wud love ur bag even more!!
    well u can see how much stock they have left then decide how long you should try to save up for!
  3. What bag are you talking about? If it's RARE LE item, buy it. If you ever need to sell it, you won't have troubles doing so.
  4. Be responsible. I would never buy something frivolous if I didn't have extra $$ burning a hole in my wallet. Fads come and go - and if it's LV (you didn't say...) I am sure it isn't cheap. It's not life or death. Just my opinion.
  5. I always vote for buy it!!!
  6. ummm sorry i lost. what bag we talkin about
  7. lv. klara.
  8. if it will cost you a lot of interest than i would say wait. if you have 0% APR then get it! :graucho:
  9. If it's really limited, I would go ahead and buy it. It will cost you more on ebay later.
  10. if you keep thinking about it then you should go for can pay the credit card off over time but, a LE bag those babies are hard to come by..just do it!!!!!
  11. I wouldn't bank on being able to sell it..I maxed out my card to buy a CB Retro and when I got it, I decided it was gorgeous but just didn't suit me as well as I thought it would. Now I am paying the interest on the card PLUS various fees to try to sell it. If you are going to buy it, make sure you are sure that you want to actually keep it as you never know what will be in demand down the line!
  12. buy it!!!
  13. Sorry but I have to say BE RESPONSIBLE! There willalways be another bag to come along (hopefully!)!:s
  14. I want to say be responsible...but I know I wouldn't be! so just get it. And ban yourself from other purchases till you pay down that CC
  15. Hmmmm..I love this bag but I know so far I never buy something unless I have $$$..If I don't have $$ in my bag account, I didn't get it no matter how bad I want it. Be responsible, it's only a bag..I don't use CC only debit card for my bags purchases.. I will have more bags... much more bags if use CC and no purse ban ever!!

    It's up to you, we don't know what kind of financial situation you are in. If it's doable..go ahead treat yourself. Have you tried this bag??