Be On The Lookout!

  1. These pictures aren't the best but these new styles will be available in
    April & May,they will be permanent :smile: .The Damier price $1,420.00 the MC will range from $1,170.00 to $1,950 they will also have an exotic shoulder bag in this line that cost $4,500.00.
  2. OOh thank you for the info! I love the first bags and the little mc bag!
  3. meow. little mc worth saving.... maybe big too!!!
  4. The first pic is the sporty
  5. The handbag, neo audra and shoulder

  6. Thanks for the pix Cat! Everyone has been waiting some...great job!
  7. The little one, is the one that will be available with the exotic trim :smile:
  8. not feeling any of the MC bags (yet) :s :shame:

    but the damier ones are TDF :love:
  9. Thanks a lot for the pictures
  10. I love the sporty!! How beautiful!!
  11. Thanks for the pics, love damier one..
  12. Thanks a lot for the pictures! Ive been waiting to see them since the SA at the boutique didnt know much about it.
  13. Thanks for the heads up!!
  14. Wow! Thanks so much for the pics.
  15. :nuts: :nuts: omg I want those damiers!!!!