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  1. Keep - it's your first love!!

  2. Sell - get another Balenciaga

  3. Sell - get the LV BV

  4. Sell - get another bag

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  1. WARNING LONG THREAD: this is insane... but i'm asking you guys to be UNBIASED to balenciaga for a change, and help me out with this! i posted this thread here because i'm more familiar with u guys (i love y'all..!:love:), and u'd be able to give me some sounds balenciaga advice!

    As some of you might remember, i bought myself my first ever designer bag back in 2006(mind you, i'm broke and in uni) and i chose a balenciaga blueberry DAY :tender:, which u guys also helped me christen SALIM :rolleyes: lol... anyways, after some use and normal wear and tear, my baby's obviously not looking as great as he used to, given that bbags are so freggin' delicate...i'm thinking of selling him and getting an lv batignolles vertical instead, since it's more sturdy and seems to go with more of my clothes, also the fact that i'm in vancouver and it rains a lot... i'm starting to find my blueberry is becoming the bag i use 'just because i should be rotating' rather than it being totally perfect for some specific occasion :sad:.
    So ladies... am i losing the love?!?! :crybaby:if it was any other bag.. i wouldn't have thought twice, since i can't afford to keep a bag and just not use it, KWIM? but this is my FIRST BAGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! :crybaby:and i'm not quite sure i'm done with the day style yet... :p
  2. Oh orinoco :wtf: I'm so sorry you're not happy anymore with your first love :sad: - but I understand what you mean, that's life :yes:!
    Therefore I'd suggest to sell your day, because you don't like it anymore and buy just another bag you LOVE :heart::tup:
  3. My opinion... as hard as it is..let it go:s. If you're not :heart:using it and your eye's and heart are in other places...those are some major reasons to let the blueberry go. I can understand how difficult it can be to let "the first" go, but the bottom line is...bags are meant to be enjoyed and if you are enjoying it, and you're not wanting to keep a bag you aren't using... :confused1:. Enjoy your LV and when your heart and eye's lead you back to BAL ,we'll be here waiting with open arms:flowers:.
  4. I agree with the previous posters - if you're not loving it, sell it and get something you love and will use! As for it being your very first ... well, I totally understand the sentiment (believe me! I'm a total sentimental pack rat!!!), but you'll get over it. Just liken it to a first boyfriend - great and wonderful at the time, but when you're ready to move on, move on!
  5. Get the BV!!! :tup: *skulks back to LV forum, recruitment mission completed*
  6. I say sell it if you dont love it! get something that you LOVE... dont stick to it just coz its your first love!... haha sounds like a relationship here... remember your first love?!.... go for the BV if thats what you think is more suitable for you... as for Bbags... I'm sure you'll find another one along the way that you will love... hang tight!

  7. ITA!!!:tup:
  8. i think you should sell it and buy a bag you'll love more than your bluberry
  9. I'll echo what everyone else here has already said - if you're not loving it anymore, let it go and get a bag that you will love.
  10. I totally agree as well. If you don't absolutely love it 100%, that's a heck of a chunk of money sitting and being wasted on something you don't want, the value is not there anymore.
    And hey, it gets easier once you sell your first one:p!
  11. i love my LV's just as much as I love my bbags...

    but i understand why you would want the BV, it is sturdy and it you want to use it for school on days that you only have to carry light books, it will be a great alternative to a backpack. i guess what i'm saying is, go for the BV and sell the day!

    oh, and since you're getting the BV, it holds just as much as the DAY, but without the slouchy-ness that that the DAY has.
  12. I would say follow yr heart. Yr bag are to cherish instead of worry. If you like LV at the moment, go for it. I love both Bbag and LV and Prada and Chanel and......:p
  13. I agree with alot of the others... I sold my first designer bag years back... as well as my first LV - and while sometimes I feel a teeny, tiny bit of regret - I'm ultimately happy because after years of buying and selling, I'm proud to say I haven't sold any of my collection in over a year now (which is HUGE - I used to buy/sell 10-20 bags a YEAR!) - and have *my* perfect collection. I finally have a collection of classics - including an LV speedy, LV cabas piano, and classic black Balenciaga city. These are pieces I feel I'll use forever. They're versatile and priceless to me. I, too, am a broke uni student (finishing in December!!) - so I understand the desire to have (if you can only have one), THE perfect (to you), classic piece. So I say go for it - but choose wisely on your next purchase. Maybe bright blueberry blue wasn't the way to go. Maybe LV will be, or perhaps a neutral bbag... but honestly, if you're going to have *one* designer piece, I'd go with LV... and down the line...maybe when you graduate (or as a gift? ;)) replace your bbag :yes:

    Just my 2 cents of wordly wisedom :p

  14. I agree with the previous posts - I did particularly like Qwerty's analogy though :nuts:
  15. You will probably feel better if you sell it. If it's not holding up well and you don't really enjoy carrying it anymore, then it's time for it to find a new owner who will love it and carry it.

    I had a similar problem recently about my Emerald City. It wasn't my first Bbag, but it was the Bbag that first made me love Balenciaga. In spite of this, I just didn't carry it much; my preference is for the brighter Vert Gazon and the smaller, lighter First style. I debated for about a month and finally took the pictures and listed it. Once I packed her up and sent her on to her new home, I felt a lot better about it... and her new owner loves her!

    Whether you replace her with another Bbag or an LV or something else altogether, it sounds like it's time to let this one go.