Be honest...Louboutin Bruges

  1. Is it silly to get some so late in the game? I've always wanted the black patent/cork bottom ones. They will still cost me full price, so that's something else to consider. Anyone who has them, do you still wear them? TIA
  2. Love them!
  3. I think they are fab and defo not too late
  4. The fact that they're still going to cost full price should give you a clue ;)

    They're gorgeous shoes, I love them too
  5. Go for them. I think they are a classic style.
  6. love em
  7. Go for it. I have them in all black (no cork) and I adore them. You won't regret it.
  8. I have 'em and I wear it all the time. Definitely not too late to get one :yes:
  9. I'm thinking of getting a pair of these too. (in black & wood) Do they run small??
  10. love them, and this style, completely true to size.

  11. i find all louboutins run at least a half size too small, especially if your feet are on the wide side.
  12. I just got an all black (no cork) too. I want the patent red with cork now. I find that with the rounder toe I was able to get a half size smaller than my other CLs.
  13. I'm usually a 6.5 but I had to get these in a 7
  14. I'm the opposite, I'm usually a 37.5 and got these in a 37. The difference in fit in these shoes is enough to make you lose your mind.
  15. Love them!!!!