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  1. Hey all!
    What do you know about BE & D? I saw at Neiman Marcus, they had them 65% off! They look like beautiful bags, but I'm not sure I have ever seen one in person. Well I'm about to cause I just ordered this one! It was just so beautiful and what a steal! But maybe I just got caught up in the discount.. you guys have any experiences with Be & D, I didn't find much on here about them... Thanks ![​IMG]
  2. I'm not an expert on Be&D, but I ordered the same bag and sent it back yesterdary. Seemed like a nice bag, good new purse smell, tight stitches, lovely color and lots of room, but it was BIG. I'm not a tiny girl by any stretch, by I just thought it looked too big under my arm. That's just my personal preference though!! Good luck with the bag--I hope it works for you!!:smile:
  3. :s oooh I'm 4'11" so I might be sending it back too! But if it is really as nice as it seems I might just have to use it for travel or work! ;)
  4. I have these 2 Be&D. I like both of them. The cream colored one is really large. I have carried the pink one more often. They are very well made, & the leather is very soft.
  5. I love my Be & D bags, the quality is fabulous....gorgeous supple leather and great detailing! I'm crazy about their Crawford you can see.:shame: The first one is the black woven leather hobo and the second one is the chocolate brown smooth leather hobo. :love:
    (36) Be & D - Woven Leather Crawford Hobo - 1280.JPG (37) Be & D - Deerskin Crawford Hobo - 995.JPG (7) Be & D - Collection.JPG
  6. my goodness those all look YUMMY!

    Mine is coming tomorrow! :wlae: so I'll let you know!
  7. What about the hobo you like so well? I purchased this bag in the bronze, it was called brandy. I returned it because the metallic was rubbing off of the shoulder strap. The leather is fabulous! Do you think it is easy to carry?
  8. I have Crawford Cruise - I love it and wear it quite a bit - the leather is good enough to eat - You should search previous threads on Be&D -there have been many.
  9. I have a Be & D Garbo (the large, not the mini) in Cognac and I love it! The leather is so supple!!! I'm 6'1", so the larger Garbo fits my frame (plus I love how much it's capable of holding.)
  10. i'm looking at this beautiful Crawford Deerskin Hobo in Sand and it measures 18 x 14 inches. i haven't seen it in real life and i won't have a chance to see it until i actually buy the bag.

    i am 5 foot tall...would this be an oversized bag for me? hmmm...

    cheers all!
  11. is the crawford bag heavy or light - without putting anything inside? would this style be a good uni bag?
  12. i love looking at B&D bags on others.. but they dont suits me at all
  13. I love this bag! It is the perfect chocolate brown shade. I bought one yesterday for $281 (originally $1125) from Neiman Marcus online. I also snagged a beautiful metallic Isabella Fiore hobo for $155 (originally $620) on Wednesday. I've found some of my best deals ever at NM online.
  14. I Seriously love this bag and I've wanted one for a long time! The big studded leather strap one in brown! LMK if you see any lurking around the shops, K?:nuts:
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