BE and D

  1. Whats the general consensus throughtout the forum on BEand D bags.. i tried to search through the website but didnt really come up with anything..

    What does everyoen think? cool? not cool? too expesnive?

    I personally like the big slouchy ones.. not really keen on the ones with studs think those are a bit too much
  2. Do a search on 'Be&D' girl! There's been quite a few threads on them.

    I liked some of their stuff, I think I caught some on Neiman Marcus. Very cute!

    Oops, not NM. I meant This one was my favorite -
  3. I don't like the ones I have seen so far, the studs make their bags too busy for my taste. :smile: It's just me, I simply don't like studs and monograms all over my bags. This leather satchel would look a lot better if all the studs are removed.
  4. Agreed!
  5. Hey abandonedimages,

    I tried to do a seard but it wouldnt let me.. although i didnt group letters together. will try that now.. i jsut purcahsed the slouchy one you posted yesterday. as its a new designer here i didnt knwo what the concensus was with everyone else...

    glad to know others out there like it too
  6. I love the hobos as you can see :amuse: ....not too crazy about the all over studded satchels though. Great supple, soft deerskin.
    (8) Be & D Collection.JPG
  7. wow pursemama. are they both yours? i love them, are they the same color. do you think there is a big diff in sizes? in the pics you cant really see the differences
  8. i think the big crawford hobos are great, the leather is amazing. i don't like the studded bags or the ava bags, though.
  9. I own this bag - It's a Christina Cruise -mine is black with a soft pink/gold strap. I can tell you that it is a magnificent bag, the leather is the softest I have ever come across and the strap is a stunner! I paid $950 or so at Saks a year ago - The larger One was over the top price wise, although I loved it also. Two new designers out of N.Y.C really started at the top.
  10. I've looked at them on Saks website quite a few times. I think they're nice, but I would want to see it in person. I love the way the strap looks like a belt buckle. That's the only reason I want that bag. It's different.
  11. Alright! Thanks for sharing that Suzy, makes me want it like 10x more now, lol.
  12. I'm sorry the pics are awful...haven't had time to do them over unfortunately. They are both the same size, the first one is black woven leather with antique gold studs and the second is chocolate brown with gold studs. I love them both, I wish I had a better pic to show you, because they're really beautiful IRL. Here is two more awful pics :shame: ...I'll try to redo the pics soon!
    (32) Be & D Woven Leather Crawford Hobo - 1280.JPG (33) Be & D Deerskin Crawford Hobo - 995.JPG
  13. Here are pics from bergdorf that are way better than mine...
    [​IMG]black woven leather.
    [​IMG]chocolate leather.
  14. wow thanx... i just bought a gold one will take piics and post tomorrow to see what u think
  15. Taking a good photo of the Be&D hobo is next to impossible because the leather is so soft, it won't hold the strap up and the whole thing collapses - a pro is needed for this bag.