1. Are you a "girl"? Do you have to buy "adult" Bcbg? Do the sizes or styles really change, or just the prices? Is it really so different? At what age do you switch?
  2. I've always been wearing the Max Azria BCBG and RTW line. Never really been in to BCBGirls other than for some of the shoes.

    I think Azria is more dressy with a lot of their stuff and I think there are sometimes more work friendly but trendier clothes.

    I admit, I don't think I've really looked at the BCBGirls line in quite some time though.
  3. Whaaa? Is it more dressy? It's the same brand.

    What do you do? Why are you single spacing each sentence? Yeah, I can tell you've probably never looked at the line.
  4. Wow, that was uncalled for. I think I'll stay out of this post.

    It may be made by the same brand, but I think the styles are different. It isn't that unheard of. Im sorry you feel the need to express yourself in such a rude manor.
  5. you are a very rude person, I've read what you have posted here and there.. what's up with you? she just gave you an opionion, is not that what you were looking for??
  6. ... runs away...