Bbag scolding coming up...

  1. I have to admit I went a little overboard on the Bbag purchases in the past two months but I just couldn't help myself... First of all I had to get a few boobies since they were discontinued; got 1 indigo for $129.00 (had to be crazy to pass that up...), 1 ink and 1 black. Was lucky enough to stumble upon a '05 Pewter First in mint condition for $800.00 shipping incl. (had to be crazy to pass that up too right?...) Pewter was on the top of my wish :love: list... managed to convince the bf to let me buy a '02 black leather zip Hobo mere seconds before the auction finished - that was a close call... :sweatdrop: and then there's the Ink First fiasco which was my first Bbag in early Jan. So that's 3 bags and 3 boobies.

    Now I think the bf just added all this up and really didn't like the total... He wants us to have a Balenciaga talk tonight when we get home. He REALLY finds the prices of these bags way over the top (which in essence they truly are) but there really is no other less costly brand I like - and trust me - I tried... the other brands I like are even more expensive.

    Anyway, I'm really dreading tonight. One I really don't feel like having this conversation and two I really don't regret my decisions so I sense an explosion on the way... Honestly I can't put into words how happy I am with my purchases and as far as I'm concerned I truly believe I deserve them.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so how did you handle it?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I think that if these truly are the bags you want and it wasn't just a balenciaga-thon, you can explain that you stumbled upon a sea of the bags you want but you're happy with what you have for now and not buy any new bags for some time.
    Or if you know in your heart that you don't really adore everything in your collection, you could sell something from it, or your could make up for it by selling other bags that you don't really love anymore...
    If you think about it calmly you'll know what's the sensible thing to do!
  3. Gia sou danae - greek girl in Montreal here ;)

    Save for maybe a boobie I'm really infatuated with my collection...
  4. that's a really difficult conversation to have... my husband and I don't agree on my bag collection either and after countless talks it is still had to find middle ground... hope things work out better for you two =)
  5. That is definitely a toughie!

    I LOVE ink and even more so I LOVE PEWTER!! Do you think he'd be ok with you say letting go of two boobies?
  6. earth, I wish you loads of luck and positive energy with your Bbag "chat" tonight. What IS there to explain to your bf? You've gotten the bags that you were searching for, and now you have them. Say that you'll be laying low for awhile because you have you want right there at home. :smile:
  7. should definitely point out the resale value of b-bags as opposed to other items. And Danae is right- you can always sell off one or two if something else catches your fancy. Why not establish a maximum number of b-bags for your collection and work within that number? That way, you won't be spending any more money, but you can have the variety that makes them so much fun (i.e., sell one when you want to buy one):smile:
  8. This is why I never told my spouse on my bags purchase.
    If I do, we will not be married anymore.

    Next time use your own saving hahaha and do it discreetly.
  9. Learn to hide them. :graucho: I have them sent to my Mom's house or the office then I sneak them in the closet. When they ask if it's new just say "Uh no shows how much attention you pay to what I wear" :p
    Now a bag like bubblegum or eggplant you have to fess up to, they know they haven't seen that color before, but with browns, caramels, whites, and blacks it's easy to do this. Mine really doesn't care about the money but he gripes about the closet space all of my bags and other stuff take up. In a closet in my guest room I have a small closet inside that one. I put a lock on it. I keep perfumes, extra bath products, lotions, jewelry etc. in there. Bbags lie so flat that I've put several of them in there and I have the key.
    I want to make sure the cleaning ladies don't mess with my stuff so that's my excuse. :rolleyes:
    Make sure you hide the receipts from stores or PayPal too. :p
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: ^^^^ The lengths we go to....!! :graucho: :sweatdrop:
  11. I guess part of it too is who is paying for your lovely beauties?

    My PHBF grumbles about my bag collection (little does he even know how much they cost - bwah ha ha!!) but I buy 'em with my he really has no say.
  12. Well... I just went on a mini "Balenciaga-thon" myself (LOL... that's great danae) and now I am revamping my collection as a whole by trimming down the number of bags I have sitting new, unused in my closet... (Other brands than balenciaga.) I'm going to get it down to a reasonable number, then try to hold myself to a "one in, one out" for the most part...

    LOL... plus I like the idea of having it delivered somewhere else... I had things delivered to my Mom's when I visited last week and it worked out great!! tee hee.;)
  13. my hubby did a surprised double take last night when I was out w/ a bbag he had never seen! But he was nice enough not to say anything at all...well, he knows he hasn't seen at least a couple of them so...i don't understand why he doesn't notice new clothes on me, but bags he always does! Probably because I make such a great big deal out of them... I educate him on a bag that I am lusting for...then end up regretting I did when I actually purchase it, since that means he knows later the price range for the bag!
  14. Hey I'm an expert on this one:yes: My boyfriend's middle name is scrooge or penny pincher:roflmfao: (he has had the same bed, fridge and oven ect for 24 years get the picture!) and I have a Balenciaga addiction!
    I tell him the bags are an INVESTMENT!!!! "darling if I keep them long enough they will double their value" It has really worked he loves my bags now:supacool:
    That should work,
    P.S your bbags sound awesome!
  15. I say the same thing about resale value. That logic seems to work with my DH. Also, I make a decent salary, so he doesn't want to argue with how I spend my share of the money. He buys computers, cars, and other gadgets, so it balances out.