bbag- aqua teen hunger force GH hobo! LOL

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  1. my dream bag has arrived! i've been wanting this ever since i saw a photo of it on the forum! and here it issssssss. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    i'm so happy i finally got it and here are some photos my boyfriend took of me modeling it. :nuts:




    i don't normally like the GH but i LOVE it with aqua. it's got an awesome slouch and it's not too big like the day bag. it fits pretty much everything i need. oh and btw i am only 4 feet 11.

    thank you becca! you've totally made my weeeeek! :wlae:
    P100862.jpg P100864.jpg P100865.jpg
  2. Fayden, you look so cute with that bag!! Simply gorgeous!!
  3. you are so cute!! that bag looks so awesome on you - congrats!
  4. Wow, You look amazing with that delicious bag - CONGRATS!!
  5. Beautiful! It suits you PERFECTLY!
  6. It looks awesome on you! :nuts: Congrats!:woohoo:
  7. you are so adorable! love all your modeling pictures. love your aqua too. enjoy her!

    i don't have a GH yet. it is heavy?
  8. Gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  9. Fayden , it looks fabulous on you! The aqua and GH combo is my fave right now!!!
  10. omg! I love it!!! congrats!!!!!! :wlae:

    lol look at the big smile on your face!
  11. i've held the work in GH and it really is heavy. but the hobo isn't at all. not sure about the city style, didn't hold that one. but yeah i am surprised at how light the hobo GH is. i hate heavy bags too.
  12. She looks fabulous on you! Congrats! I really want one now.
  13. fayden again.. you look awesome. I wish I could find a french blue hobo.
  14. Fayden you are ADORABLE!!!!!

    I love how the Hobo hangs on your shoulders.. it's the perfect size!!

    (Now I can't wait till I get my yellow GH hobo....... :yahoo::yahoo:)
  15. ahh Fayden you wear your bbags so well! Your earlier pic of you and the red day inspired me to get a day actually!