BB Spring RAOK 2012 Rules & Sign Up Thread

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  1. BB Spring RAOK 2012 Rules & Sign Up Thread
    Welcome to the BB Spring RAOK 2012 Rules & Sign-up Thread!!!!

    Please read all the following, since all participants will be held accountable by the rules below.

    In order to participate in this RAOK you must fulfill the following requirements:

    *have successfully participated in a previous BB RAOK*
    *have at least 500 posts*
    *be an active member of tPF and the Beauty Bar*
    *be a tPF member for at least six months*

    To sign up please follow the instructions below:

    For new participants: The New Participant Application is to be completed online at the link provided. Once this has been approved you will be notified, you may complete the Questionnaire.

    For previous RAOK participants: The New Participant Application is not needed. You just complete the Questionnaire. When it is received and processed you will in return receive an elfster invitation to the RAOK.


    **Important dates to remember**

    February 21th: Sign ups begin on this date

    February 29th: Sign ups end on this date (only a week to sign up and complete paperwork, that is correct!)

    February 29th: All Questionnaires must be in by this date. If I do not have one completed, you will not be allowed to participate.

    March 1th: RAOK buddies will be matched up using RANDOM.ORG . Soon after the drawing you will be sent your buddy’s information.

    March 28th: All domestic packages (within your own country) must be shipped by this date.


    **Important Information**

    * One package is required: The package must contain new, unused (tested) and unopened beauty items. The total package should be worth at least $50 or the equivalent in your currency. The price point does not include shipping fees.

    * TRACKING is required for all gifts: Once you have your package all wrapped up and ready to go, you are required to purchase some form of tracking. This serves as a proof of shipment and also will help you and your buddy in case the package gets lost. We have had some users have their boxes lost, so we will leave it up to each participant whether they want to purchase insurance in addition to the other shipping fees. Tracking information must be PM’d to BunnyMasseuse or Kathyrose by EOD slated as the shipping deadline.

    * You MUST post pictures of your package within 48 hours: Once you receive your package from your buddy, you must post clear pictures and description of it. All of us want to see what goodies you got!

    * Elfster is the website that we will be using for this Raok. Once your questionnaire is complete, you will receive an invitation to join the RAOK on Elfster is also where buddies can ask questions and/or chit chat without revealing their identities.

    *Wishlist Requirement: When building your wishlist in Elfster ensure that you have added both items you want as well as items you don't want (please list brands, types of products). Please review the list to ensure that items you have received in previous RAOK's are no longer listed, and be considerate to your buddy who is buying for you and try to add items of all price ranges so they can appropriately select a variety of items to gift you in return.

    * No vacationers. If you will be away from home for more than 1 week per month...don't sign up. Gifts have to be mailed and reveals posted in a timely manner as described above, and vacation plans may interfere.

    * The Angel System is in place for MISSING gifts: The angel system that was used in the previous RAOK will also be used in this round. I hope that we won’t have the need to use it though! If someone does end up flaking on their buddy, all members will be required to contribute to an angel package with a value of approximately $50.

    *Participate in the chat/reveal thread. Participation in the chat/reveal thread is REQUIRED. We all know what it's like to get gifts, it's a wonderful feeling, but this RAOK is here for more than just the experience of getting a gift but giving and watching others receive as well!

    ** Normally our RAOK's would allow for international participation. Since this RAOK doesn't allow for very long to shop (3 weeks approx before shipping due) I will ONLY ALLOW International participation on a case by case basis. Please reach out to BunnyMasseuse if you are international TPF'er and would like to participate. We had some concerns raised in a previous RAOK where an international buddy had to pay custom fees and frustration was raised on both sides on what is and is not proper in international shipping. Because of this, we will need to review how we handle international participation since we want our RAOK's to be open to all, but we want to avoid people paying extra money to receive something that should in all expectation be a gift. Please realize we aren't trying to punish or restrict our RAOK's but obviously we need to re-evaluate how to structure our rules to protect both givers and receivers.

    New Participation Form:

    RAOK Questionnaire:

    Previous RAOK for those curious how things ran.

    Your Organizers for this RAOK will be BunnyMasseuse and KathyRose.

    Sign up quickly :smile: Pass the word around, let's have a loaded round this year!
  2. Yey!! I'm in!! Done with the questionnaire. Now to Elfster!!!
  3. Just fill out the google form for the Questionnaire, and then once it's received you'll get the elfster link! Much easier than everyone PM'ing in the forms like we did last time.
  4. Done!! So excited!!!;)
  5. the online form looks great!
  6. I'm excited to be helping out on this round. Hope y'all decide to join and have a blast. I've been in several BB RAOKs and love them!
  7. Sign me up!! Just sent in my questionaire.
  8. Thanks, like to think we figure out how to improve our methods to make things easier over time! Simple is better!
  9. :yahoo:
    i'll hopefully do the questionaire tomorrow!!
  10. Sooooooo Bunny, buy any shirts today? ;)
  11. No comment :smile: it was too cute to resist! Even rabbit lovers appreciate a bit of tongue in cheek humor against their own. :biggrin:
  12. Aww I wish I could this time, last time was so fun! But unfortunately this falls at a bad time with my vacation and my work (moneyyyy situation). So hopefully I can participate in the next one!
  13. Oh snap! Gotta check Woot Shirt today! I missed the last kitty one. :/
  14. Noooooooo! I missed the Bunny avi one! :sad:
  15. I'm in Canada so don't know if I am allowed to participate.
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