Bay Area PFers: Nordstrom Rack?

  1. I have only been to the one in Colma, I'm not sure which one is bigger/better than the one in Colma, how would that compare to the ones in SF, SJ or San Leandro?

  2. I've only been to the one in Colma also-- I've heard it's bigger than the one downtown??
  3. I've only been to the one in SL (oh how I miss SL :sad:) so I can't be of much help in comparison but the one in SL is hit-or-miss.

    I've seen one or two MJ bags there and a couple Coach. The jean selection is alright and the designer shoes selection is average.
  4. The one in SF is huge! I hate the colma one because it always looks so dirty to me. And people there are so pushy :censor:
  5. The SF one has better stuff and it's MUCH more organized. It has more high end stuff and less crap brands. But it's more hit or miss then the Colma one. A good shipment doesn't last very long at the SF store.
  6. I like the one in SF, it is a lot neater and bigger. The Colma one is okay...but you have to dig harder to find good stuff. As for the one in SJ, I won't even's sooooo messy! I gave it 2 chances...but I could not take the messiness.
  7. Thanks for all the info everyone! I'll have to go into the city this weekend and check it out...
  8. I actually like the one in San Leandro/Marina. I'm able to find pretty decent stuff there. I like the Colma one more than the SF only because you have to be there when the new shipments get in at the SF one or all the good stuff will be gone. Seriously, all the cool stuff gets scooped up sooo quickly there.
  9. I'm in LA and went the SL Rack once. I wasn't impressed at all with the selection. I've been wanting to check out the SF store sometime.

    I hear that Tuesdays are the best day to stop in, that's when the new stuff gets put out, at least here in LA.