Bay Area PFers: Good alteration person in South Bay?

  1. I have a friend wants to do the original hem on her Seven jeans and alter the waistband on her Theory pants. I would recommend my alteration lady but she's in Burlingame.

    Anyone have any recs for a good person in the South Bay? She lives in San Jose.

    TIA~~~ :flowers:
  2. There is a place right across from Valley Fair that many people I know go to. I can't recall the name at this exact moment. I'll find out and get back to you!
  3. Thanks xikry5talix! I appreciate any info. ;)
  4. Honu, do you mind telling me who you go to in Burlingame?:smile:
  5. I go to this lady Karen at Elite Tailoring & Alterations on 1375 Burlingame Ave, her shop is downstairs at that little mall. Her phone number is 650.344.5950. She does all the alterations for Susan and Grocery Store in Burlingame so she is really good. Thank goodness she isn't too far away from where I lilve (Foster City).

    HTH! :smile:
  6. Thanks Honu! SO close to where I live too! I'll try her out :smile: