Batignolles Vertical vs. Neverfull MM


Which bag should I get?

  1. BV

  2. Neverfull MM

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  1. HELP!

    I'm in need of an every day shoulder bag that I can use because all I really own are Speedies and hand held bags have not been my thing lately. The two choices I came upon were the BV and Neverfull MM. I like the look of the Neverfull but the straps look kind of thin and looks like it can really irritate my shoulder if I have a lot of stuff in my bag... also, that wide open top isn't too good because I take the train a lot during rush hour. I don't want anyone's hands sneaking into my bag!! :lol: On the other hand, the BV looks narrower so the open top wouldn't be a problem. I'm currently looking through the Batignolles club & visual aids for modeling pics, but please post them here if you have some! I wish the search option was working. :sad:

    I know I'm just rambling but which one would you choose? or which one would suit my "needs" better. I'm leaning more towards the BV. All opinions will be highly appreciated!! :tup: Here's a pic of what I usually carry every day. (just realized that I left out my keys & cell phone)

  2. I love the BH.. but since you dind't have that on your list, I voted BV.
    I really don't like the Neverfull straps.. they look flimsy.. and seems to me they might dig into the shoulder after a while even with few items inside.
  3. I love the look of the BV more than the Neverfull. The Neverfull looks too flimsy alltogether.
  4. I have the BH and find it is a great everyday bag, only wish it had a zipper closure and straps where just a little longer (with my winter coat on it is more of a handbag than a shoulder bag)
  5. I love my BH...
    but not in your option so I'll go for the BV;)
    I like the look of the batignolles better than the Neverfull.
  6. I like the BH, but go for the BV ahead of the Neverfull.
  7. I voted for the BV because it's such a wonderful everyday bag. I have a 3-year-old and I can fit all of my & her stuff in it with no problem. The BV looks alot better and more durable than the Neverfull. You dont have to worry about people sneaking into the BV because the opening stays tucked underneath your arm even when you have a lot of things.
  8. I have the BV and I love it, so I voted for that. It's an awesome bag and it holds a lot. I'm always out with my kids, and it fits my stuff (wallet, cell phone, water bottle, make-up bag) AND their stuff (toys, nintendo ds, snacks, light jackets).
  9. what about the BH? i love mine.

    not a fan of the neverfull...
  10. I got the Neverfull MM and wasn't happy with it. I went to the store and asked the woman to find me something similar to the shape and size and she showed me the now I own a BV! I love it! the Neverfull price is great, but the BV has a much more timeless and sophisticated look to it, I also thought the BV seemed more durable.
  11. I voted for the BV. I really don't care for the neverfulls. I tried one on at the boutique and I didn't like the thin straps or the pull things on the sides.
  12. I think the BV would work better for your needs!
  13. I'm not a fan of the Neverfull .... so my vote goes for the BV.
  14. I voted for my all time favorate bag BV.
  15. BV!!!:yes: