Barneys SALE: Christian Louboutin, Lanvin and more!!

  1. My SA at Barneys NY in Beverly Hills, CA just told me last week about sales on their designer shoes.

    I'm picking up a pair of the red patent simple pumps on SALE!!! YAY and in my size (35) and shes going to send me more pics of other shoes...

    Let me know if you want her PM information.

    She is great to work with and will help you look for things and is super patient too...totally not pushy...I got the leopard miss allen js from her and she told me to just see if i liked them, if not just send them back! but ofcourse i fell in love with them...:heart::yes:
  2. Calisnoopy - how much were the simple pumps on sale?
  3. Please , do they ship overseas...I want those too!
  4. The simple pump red patents were 310 USD I believe...

    Her email is:

    And her name is Suzanne, please let her know Cory referred you and what you would like (pics of the sale shoes, your shoe size, and any other details)
  5. What Other Louboutins Are On Sale? Thanks!
  6. Im not sure...but please email Suzanne. She will also be back at work tomorrow (Tuesday) and you can call Barneys Beverly Hills, CA and ask for her and let her know Cory referred you and she can tell you what shoes are on sale in your size, etc
  7. Her work number is: 310-276-4400 ext 5604 I think...(designer womens shoes)
  8. I just called today and spoke with someone there (Susan was off), and they told me the simple pumps are sold out company wide (maybe it was just in my size, but nevertheless, ahh). :crybaby: :crybaby:
  9. ^^thats odd...Minal...Im going to PM you now...
  10. I just called too, the SA said they were sold out. Every size and color.
  11. You will LOVE them calisnoopy!!!
  12. i've worked with suzanne before too and she is super nice!
  13. I just emailed her asking what CL shoes would be on sale! thanks for giving us the info!!
  14. ^^ can you let us know which CLs will be on sale? are they already on sale?
  15. Suzanne just texted me and shes off today at Disneyland...I felt bad bombarding her with texts eeek...

    Anyways, as soon as she lets me know tomorrow, I will try and post. I'm boarding a flight at 6am tomorrow to South Carolina for Thanksgiving with the bf's family--will keep you gals posted.

    I know she mentioned decolettes, leopard patent flats, something open toe and sling back perhaps?? (I'm terrible as I told her I dont like anything open toe or sling may change in time but yah--so I dont remember though I seem to recall her mentioning prives in leopard perhaps...but i definitely remember prives being mentioned i think...)

    And then the simple pumps in yellow patent and red patent...some of the SAs there are not too knowledgeable...I called once and they told me nothing was on sale or left anymore and Suzanne goes and digs around for me. It takes some I try to be patient...Ive gone there before...told her what I was looking for or she'd go dig up all the 35s shed think I would like...and I just go eat at the cafe upstairs or shop around another floor and come back 45 min later and she would have a load of boxes for me.

    There were Alaia flats too...none in my size 35 but maybe in someone elses...

    But yah--let her know Cory sent ya (she may strangle me heehee) but she'll def find it if you give her details

    -your size
    -designer you want if not exact shoe you are looking for
    -phone number