"barney's" nyc stock on 1/26/08

  1. ^^ here's what i remember :party:

    * bubblegum GGH city
    * magenta GSH city
    * magenta GSH work
    * electric blue GSH city
    * electric blue GSH work
    * electric blue RH work
    * electric blue RH first
    * vert thyme GSH city
    * vert thyme GSH work
    * black GSH city
    * black GGH city
    * plomb GSH besace (they call it "nero", but i'm 99% sure it's plomb)
    * large black matelasse (unfortunately, it's not on sale gals :sad:)
    * white/ivory oval clutch
    * black GGH wristlet clutch
    * skye blue GSH coin purse
    * white GGH city
    * white GGH work
    * vert fonce GSH work
    * lots of giant bucket bags :p
    * crocodile works (ooooooooooooooooooooo-la-la)
  2. THANKS so much! I am looking for GGH clutch and headed to NYC in next few weeks-will have to check it out~~
  3. Do you have a SA you work with at Barney's? I have never shopped there...
  4. Thanks for that report~!

    Are Twiggy's always late in the season???
  5. ^^ you're welcome peppers, hopefully it will still be there...but they only buy accessories in very limited supply...i don't work exclusively with any S.A.'s there, but you can ask for leo :tup:
  6. ^^ you're welcome girl, but i don't think "Barney's" nyc carries the twiggy anymore...they mostly only carry the new GH bags & some of the most popular RH styles & colors (first, city, work, hobo/day) :girlsigh:
  7. I highly recommend Martin. He's the best!:tup:
  8. ^^ yeppers, he's really nice!!! :okay:
  9. How was the leather on the EB RH Work? :graucho:
  10. ^^ oopsy, i'm sorry girl, it was a city :shame:...the only EB work i saw had GSH, not RH...but the city was absolutely, positively stunning :angel:
  11. Thanx!!!! Did you see any Sahara? Is that sold out?:wlae:
  12. ^^ i think i saw some w/GGH (?) :wondering
  13. Arrgghh ... still no Fluorescent Yellow, huh??!?! :crybaby:

  14. ^^ not yet, maybe they're late (?)
  15. Oooh...another question as I'm not around to go check myself, but how would you describe the Rh leather? Marbly or just smooth blue? Because I've seen pictures of both on the forum.