Barney's NY Madison Ave Sales

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  1. If anyone is interested in a Men's Besace, there was one in natural and one in blue for $419. Both were still in stock around 4pm today at the Barney's NY in NYC on Madison Ave. (212-826-8900)

    I didn't really browse the women's too much but noticed a lot of whistle bags on sale as well... and they just did they're second sales cut... so prices are probably very good.

    Hope you gals (and guys) get some good deals!!
  2. I saw a bunch of linen/green leather cities on sale at Barney's in BH today; they also had several whistle bags marked down.
  3. Has anyone seen the black linen w/choc brown leather trim PT bag on sale? I want that!!!
  4. If anyone wants a natural linen work w/brown trim for $839 (originally $1385), call:

    Liza Ruiz at Barneys Dallas, 469.443.4722

    She seemed very knowledgeable about Balenciaga and she sent me two photos (below). She's in today but has the weekend off.

    I asked her if the bottom is all leather and she said that yes, it is.


    06-22_001.jpg 06-22_002.jpg
  5. Thanks fiat:heart:!!!! Do you know if they have anything in black linen by any chance???
  6. I recommend calling Lisa to ask! I don't know...
  7. ^^^hey Fiat!!!~ I just called and it's saying the number has been disconnected!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. There is VERY NICE MESENGER on Diabro om black
    Good luck FX:heart:
  9. ok~ I just called~(looked the number up on google)and I spoke to the sweetest SA named Adrian!!! No black linen part time but they do have a first. But she is calling around for me for the PT!!!
  10. Thanks FX!!!! I saw that!!!~ I really want a PT though!!! Thanks a million!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  11. Oh well!!!:crybaby:No black linen part times left anywhere!!! Guess we weren't meant to be!!!

    But~ I have met the SWEETEST SA at Barney's TX!!! I highly recommened her!!! She answered all my questions!!! Described leathers to me on different bags!!!

    Her name is Adrian and her # is 469-221-4726 X4726 ~ she is very friendly, patient and nice!!!!
  12. I'm soooo sorry! I cut/paste that directly from her email & didn't doublecheck!!! :p Glad you figured it out anyway. ;)
  13. ^^^No problem!!! Don't be sorry!!! I thought it was funny!!!!:lol:

  14. I spoke with Adrian yesterday on my search for anthracite. She is very helpful and friendly.

    If anyone is looking for an SA from NM's, call the Orlando store and Amanda will find your bag. They don't actually sell Bbags at the Orlando store but she will locate your bag for you and she knows the season's colors according to Bal names. BTW, there are still some French Blue Days with RH out there!:wlae:
  15. I'm kind of amused that an SA at a store without Bbags is better at tracking down Bbags than most of the SAs at stores *with* bbags ... LoL. Well, actually maybe it does make sense after all... ;)