Barneys New York Bal-Stock Feb.15.07

  1. Any of you Ladies out there know what
    Barney of NY has in stock and what
    they are getting?:p
    There is not much here in the NW
    Seattle store-help.:supacool:
    They better stock up for the spring.
    It might be early...:confused1:
  2. Lots and lots of '06 Cement: Work, Weekender, City, First

    Coin purses/companion in french blue, grass, and cement.

    CAMEL '06: Work, Weekender
    TRUFFLE '06: Work, Weekender, First, City
    BLACK: work, weekender, city, first

    GRASS '07 gold hardware: work, part time, day

    FRENCH BLUE '07 gold hardware: brief, part time, day (i think I saw it)

    CROCODILE (gray, camel, and black): City, work, weekender

    WHISTLE (all sizes): navy, black

    That's all I can remember, hopefully you'll find something you'd like.
    Good luck! :p :yahoo:
  3. omg... i would maim for a grey croc city.
  4. Did someone say croc?? :nuts::drool:
  5. mocean and Irissy, AR still have some Croc Citys on hand -- Black and Camel--


    So drool-worthy! :drool:
  6. ^^ I love that black croc!! :love:
  7. I so want a grass green coin purse!
  8. You mean I didn't have to import my 06 greige all the way from Scotland? I could have purchased her in NY? And saved a bundle? Oh my!.... :wtf:

    Isn't somebody looking for a greige weekender?
  9. WOW, that croc is real? I saw one on eBay the other day and could have sworn it was fake. Is it made of real croc or is the leather worked to look that way? Can they actually do that?
  10. Yes they can actually do that! :yes: The Croc is real...and expensive

    Weekender - $26000
    Work - approx $19500-22000
    City - $14500

    I've seen someone carry the first in croc but none of the others. Even Balenciaga NY carries the Weekender croc in black.

    Most exotic bags come with a certificate: stating that the animal used to make the bag are NOT endangered species.
  11., you didn't have to import it.

    Bal NY still has the greige weekender if anyone is looking.
  12. That black croc!!!
  13. They still have greige city????:nuts: :yahoo: Oh man!!!! Do they have email address?

  14. wha...? did you just say...?! holy @*#$&@!! i didn't know prices for any accessory could be so high...and people would actually pay them.

  15. I know BalNY doesn't charge tax but do they charge shipping?