Barney's BH Bal Bonanza - 10/9/07

  1. they had a ton of bags!!! sorry, i have no phone numbers or names of SA's - from my experience they arent' the greatest, although they will try to hunt down a bag in the back if it's not out front. beware, their names for colors are completely different from Bal's - they are calling sienna/tabac cinammon and calling mogano/cinnamon chocolate :confused1:

    also, i was looking for a specific bag and i don't do the GH or the SGH, although i did notice they had an SGH Jaune Day and a GH mogano hobo

    from memory, here's the inventory:
    DAYS: jaune, white, black, an 06 truffle (very beat up), tabac
    City: jaune, tabac, black, rouille (i think?)
    Courier: grenat, white, truffle, black
    WE: black only it seemed
    WORK: jaune, tabac and also a bright blue color
    First: violet, mogano

    they had a ton of bags, but it's been a few hours, so sorry i know i'm forgetting a ton!! they just had so many, it was a surprise. they also had a very unusually shaped bag that was in the violet color, but much thicker then reg bal leather - maybe it was the folding type bag, i forget the name but it folds up into a clutch:confused1:

    they also had every accessory known to man in EVERY COLOR!!! jaune, violet, green (bright, def not vert fonce), white, black, tomato. and they had them in every hardware!!! i was amazed - clutches, mini mini compagnon's, wallets, they also had a Jaune MU!! it was the motherload of Bal Accessories!!
  2. DUDE!

    If only I had money. Many I should pose semi-nude with my bbag to win some paypal bucks. :graucho:
  3. ^^ yeah, i think you and i are the only ones who ponied up for that one!! the leather on the mogano GH hobo and the first was simply amazing!!! i need to find a Day with RH and i will be sitting pretty...
  4. nic.....did you happen to see a Steel Giant Gold Clutch? I'm obsessed with Steel. I'm thinking about getting a WE as well. I've gone from a bright colorful collection to completely neutrals.
  5. i know this is a far shot: an oval maybe??

    thanks in advance ;)
  6. i'll check it out tomorrow for you - i was so amazed at how many acc's they had!! way more than reg b-bags, weird.
    that color combo sounds awesome, btw :smile:

  7. no ovals, but that doesn't mean they aren't stashed in the back!! i'll check it out for you!;)

  8. thank you!!
  9. why did i have to view this thread only to find out that they have a bunch of couriers which is next on my bal wishlist when i can't even buy a bag right now???!??!!??!?!!??!?!?!!??!??!!? WHY OH WHY!??!?!?! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  10. Thanks nic!
  11. i know, i can't believe how many they had. i think they also had white - i was surprised to see a grenat one! the leather was really nice on it, as it has been on all the couriers. i think they made them with extra thick leather. i hope they continue this style :tup:
  12. Hey Nicole, didn't they have some tomatos too? I swear I saw two or three when I was there over the weekend--maybe they were all GH. They also had a ton coin purses in a variety of colors including jaune and pine.
  13. ugh! it seems like when it rains, it pours...
    i'm dying for a new wallet and with my 3 new bags, i'm tapped out!
  14. That clutch sounds intriguing! anyone know what it is??
  15. yes i do hope so too!!!!!!!!! its going to take a while before i get that courier that ive been wanting sooo bad, so i hope that great leather will continue on!

    man the courier is taunting me, i keep seeing them everywhere, even on eBay !!! good thing the last one i had authenticated was :tdown: or else i would've been soooo so sad!!! :sad::sad: