Barlow opinions?

Aug 13, 2014
I’m curious about the Barlow and the 3 sections. Anyone have any options on this style? From the mini to large? Capacity to carry ?
PF: I have the Barlow in small, regular, and large sizes.
For me, the regular (or medium) size is best.

The large is just too heavy.

The small doesn't hold enough stuff. That is because if you fill the interior
more than half way or put anything bulky in the outside pockets, you can't
snap the inside section closed. And whether the sections are snapped closed or not.... the top of the bag is partially open. So it's not as secure as a zipper top
handbag.... a concern if you are in crowded places or your bag falls off the
seat of the car.

The Barlow looks great, is organized, and convenient to use and access your things.

The difference in measurements between the sizes seems small.... but
look at all the dimensions.... the depth makes a difference.

Also, if you plan to carry the bag on your shoulder or cross body, be aware
that in the medium and large sizes, the Barlow is a bulky bag. And it's base is firm and structured. The smaller sizes (mini and small) have the same design,
but won't be as bulky.

I don't know how the small or mini would work on the shoulder or cross body.
I hand carry all my bags. But from an aesthetic point of view, I've never liked
the look of big bags cross body. Even drawstrings look awkward to me
unless they are shifted toward the back of the body, but that is just my own
personal view.

Also look at the Brenna and the Flynn. They have the same 'look' as the Barlow,
but the Brenna has a different height to length ration and the Flynn a slightly different shape. Also the Flynn has longer strappy handles, that go over the shoulder, but no shoulder or cross body strap. The small Flynn seems to be
a good compromise for those who like to shoulder carry and like a more
medium sized handbag. Also, because of it's design and wider top, the Flynn may be a more comfortable shoulder carry against the body.