Bariss Enterprises


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Mar 5, 2009
Does anybody know anything about Bariss Enterprises? She has websites everywhere claiming that she is the only one who can provide you with a list of legitimate bag wholesalers, and will send you the list for $39.95! She has a
very appealing and slick website, but when I checked out online info about her online store, Handbagcrew, I was horrified to see the complaints from people who had received fake handbags!

Does anybody know if her list is for real, as I would like to start selling authentic designer handbags, but don't have a source.

Also, does anybody know of a legitimate source of authentic handbags?

Thank you.
Feb 8, 2007
somehow this post feels to me like someone soliciting business....and it would seem to me that anyone looking for an authentic bag would know to go to an authentic store where they sell authentic merchandise...