Barenia toile evelyne looking for a new home.

  1. Hello guys, girls...

    I bought a toile barenia pm evelyne at my Brussels store. But I'm a guy, used it two times....

    I bought another evelyne, a GM in clemence, at my Antwerp store. This is my holy grail bag so his little sister is neglected, even more now lol she doesn't get any looks what so ever.

    If I would decide to part with it, what seems like a reasonable price? It's really brandnew, sitting in the box in my closet. I know it is very hard to get, that's why i bought it without thinking twice back then!

    So any ideas on how much I should ask?

  2. allrighty then!
  3. You can always try a percentage off the retail, start maybe with 20% and then see if anyone bites, then if that doesnt work, maybe go to 25% and on. I'm not sure if evelynes usually go over retail unless all barenia.
  4. I hate those moments when you realize you've made a bag mistake.

    I agree... try 20% off to a reseller, or attempt eBay, a local consigner, whatever you're comfortable with. You may want to try a bit closer to springtime though, since a lot of buyers tend to think of etoile when the weather gets a bit warmer.

    Best of Luck!