Barénia or not Barénia ?

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  1. Right ladies, I need your opinions:
    I adore Barénia naturel (like many of you...) I missed the chance of buying the Barénia Birkin that was on eBay not long ago, and I have my name on a Swift Gold Birkin arriving in the Spring. Now my question is: Should I wait for Barénia, if and when, it will be available again....or should I take the Swift gold one ? Consider that:

    1) I have never seen a Barénia Birkin IRL and my SA says it's very heavy, and
    also that it's very delicate (but I don't mind about this last point...)

    2) I already have a Swift Birkin so I know exactly what to expect...
  2. duna, the likelihood of a new barenia birkin ever turning up again is extremely extremely slim. Practically impossible to find, although I was told at FSH that one bag may turn up once in a blue moon, but it's more often than not some bag other than a kelly or birkin.

    If you'd like the gold swift birkin, get it and enjoy it. By the time a barenia birkin comes around, you'll probably have saved more than enough to snap that one up as well.
  3. I'd go for the Swift Birkin and get Barenia in a smaller and easier-to-care-for bag such as an Evelyne, Plume or Trim!
  4. I'd do what GT said.
  5. I'd take the gold swift Birkin and SO the Barenia in February. Since Barenia takes forever, by the time it arrives, you would have enjoyed the company of your gold swift. Then, once the Barenia is there, you can sell the gold swift if you want.
  6. To me, if you like!! LOL!!
  7. I second that and GT,too. Perhaps get the Barenia in other H bag or like La Van said you can always sell the gold swift later when the Barenia arrives.
  8. Selling once ... selling twice ... sold to K, a record price for a swift Birkin!
  9. Lol!!
  10. My SA says one of this VIPs has been waiting on a Barenia 35 Birkin for 6 YEARS!!! And this is a VIP client. I would get the swift and just keep my eyes peeled for a blessing of Barenia proportions perhaps from a reseller.
  11. duna, if you are selling your 40's because of their weight perhaps you won't enjoy a barenia birkin even though the leather is lovely. of course, re-selling it would be a snap, so there's no real risk other than waiting a LONG time and passing up other bags.

  12. My store has been trying to order this exact bag for a client for a few luck.
  13. ^ wow! I just adore it with Toile in a Kelly. One of my dream bags!
  14. it's perfect with toile! but all-barenia is SOOOOOOO decadent! It's like velvet.........mmmmmmm
  15. ^ I'd take one of those, too!