Bare Minerals the Ruby collection

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  1. I bought this and put it away and did not look at it until yesterday. WOW, totally my new favorite. The eye makeup brush is fabulous and I for the very first time looked at the suggested way to apply. I followed the instructions and my eyes never looked so good!!!! Did anyone else buy this LE?
  2. I didnt buy the Ruby, even though it was my birthstone. I think I was afraid it would look too red. How does it look on as far as color-wise?
  3. The base is a peachy gold (well, that is how it was described) it was more of a darker beige on me...the lid color was a light bronzy brown and the liner was a plumy brown...again these are how the looked on me. The gloss that came with was a lovely pinky red (sheerish), however, it had the silly brush applicator. HATE THAT! lol But, the color was lush!
  4. Sounds nice..I know I've probably seen photos of the colors on someone before. Might have to find some samples to try it out. I just bought the Earthy Chic kit yesterday which I love!
  5. OH no....know I have to go check that out!!! :smile:
  6. I bought this set during Sephora's F&F and ended up taking it back. I found the eyeshadows and liner too messy to deal with and the formula of the lipgloss did not seem as nice as my other buxom lip glosses. I found the brush HARD AS A ROCK (?) and the color a bit too dark. I did like the blush and cute brushes for the set, but not enough to keep the products I did not like. I'm glad it worked out for you, though. I know a lot of people love this set.
  7. I really love loose eye shadow mostly, so that is never a problem...funny about the brush though! I was shocked at how easy it was to work with. I love hearing other points of view...I really was surprised how much I loved this set, (it just never happens!)
  8. I just looked this up on amazon it has really pretty colors in it, I love BE makeup in general but for some reason I never end up buying the kits.