Barbaro to be Buried at Churchill

  1. Barbaro will be buried at the site of his greatest triumph.

    The 2006 Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands (gr. I) champion, who was euthanized Jan. 29, 2007 from complications of a breakdown suffered at the Preakness Stakes (gr. I), will have his ashes interred at Churchill Downs.

    Barbaro's remains will be placed outside of an entrance gate in a large elevated space enclosed by bricks. The site will also include a bronze statue commissioned by owners Roy and Gretchen Jackson and loaned to the track as part of the official memorial site.

    Roy Jackson said Churchill Downs was the best place to honor the colt, who won the Derby by a dominating 6-1/2 lengths before being injured in the Preakness.

    "It was here that he ran his best race," Roy Jackson said in a statement released Tuesday. "It was here where we spent our most memorable day as horse owners and breeders."

    As spectacular as the colt's career was, he became an icon after breaking his right hind leg a few hundred yards into the Preakness. His eight-month battle to survive captured the hearts of people across the globe. Fans set up Web sites, and well-wishers flooded his stall at New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, Pa., and Churchill Downs with cards and gifts.

    "His accomplishments as a racehorse are certainly rivaled by the courage and resolve he displayed after his injury," Churchill Downs president Steve Sexton said.

    A formal announcement was expected Tuesday morning at Churchill Downs. Pictures of the colt from both his racing career and his eight-month rehabilitation at New Bolton flashed above a stage where the Jacksons were to speak.

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  2. This poor horse.

    One of the numerous reasons I **hate** horse racing :sad:

    Rest in peace, Barbaro
  3. Awww I'm sad to see you hate horse racing. I can't tell you how much those horses love to run. They hit the ground racing each other. While it is tragic, every sport (human and animal) comes with injuries and sometimes it's catastrophic.

    Believe me.... a horse injured on the track hurts not just the horse but everyone connected to it. Barbaro's legacy is that his fighting spirit and courage brought national attention to laminitis and the $ that's been raised will be instrumental in helping to fight this horrible, painful condition.

    I'm not trying to sway your opinion.... but I've got to stick up for my running babies. :yes:
  4. many people don't like the sport because of ethical reasons, not because of the injuries that may happen. greyhound racing is also a highly controversial "sport." many of these animals aren't treated well, and when they are no longer profitable they are disposed of. i LOVE horses and dogs, but i don't believe in their exploitation for money. we're all entitled to our opinions and emotions, and i respect yours. i'm not trying to be offensive, i'm simply giving my opinion.:flowers:
  5. I was hoping the Jacksons would choose Churchill Downs as Barbaro's final resting place. He was a wonderful horse and deserves a special tribute. The donations given to the Laminitis fund started by the Jacksons will hopefully help find a cure to a disease that takes the lives of so many horses.
  6. ITA! Races such as the Grand National in UK are disgraceful & put the horses under untold pressure! I have ridden horses all my life, they love to run yes, but not always to be pushed to the lengths that they are by jockeys vieing to win for big bucks! Many horses have lost their lives this way!
  7. I am sure that horses (especially TBs) love to run. I know my horse sure does!

    But the two main reasons I don't like horse racing are:

    1-- a lot of horses that are not fast enough on the track eventually end up at the slaughterhouses

    2-- trainers start racing them when they are so young...their bones and joints aren't even fully developed yet. That is why you see so many issues with lameness.

    And I know from first hand experience (my grandparent's best friends own a racing barn and jump Grand Prix) that there are many people involved in horse racing (like you:yes:) that truly love their animals and don't view them simply as 'investments' and disposable commodities...but unfortunately, quite a few people do in this industry.
  8. there are many things that, IMHO, need to be fixed in racing in the name of the humane treatment of the horses.

    but Barbaro's breakdown was not a result of any of the problems in the racing industry -- the track was fine and Barbaro was strong, sound, well-rested, well-trained, well cared for and loved and respected by his people. it truly was a freak accident and not an incident to damn horse racing.

    God, what a horse.
  9. I don't think we should use this thread to debate the ethics of horse racing (a new one could be started for that)... Barbaro was an amazing horse and I'm sure we were all saddened by his death. I think his burial (and memorial) at Churchill is very honorable and appropriate.
  10. Poor Barbaro. May he rest in peace. :crybaby:
  11. DQ-right on, baby.

    Dean Richardson was at an orthopedic symposium where my husband was, and they got to have drinks.....I was wild with jealousy-I would proably run of with Dean Richardson, given the chance. What a wonderful, humble vet.
  12. What a fitting resting place for such a great soul.

    RIP Barbaro.
  13. Barbaro is running through the clouds....that sweet boy. It makes me want to cry for him all over again. I was a sobbing mess when they had the Barbaro story on the TV :crybaby: