Banned from making too many returns? - Share your experiences!

  1. If the item arrives damaged due to the packaging, Amazon would probably expect the buyer to ask for an exchange/replacement item, rather than an outright refund. I know Amazon has some issues with sending books, since their boxes only come in certain sizes and they don't do a good job of stuffing the boxes with packing material to make sure the books don't get banged around.
  2. I actually did end up writing them a nice, polite, and long email explaining the reasons for the returns. I haven't heard back from them yet - hopefully the response is positive and the issue ends there.

    I also did a bit of digging around to find out what happens you get one of these emails and got a bit freaked out - apparently can and does arbitrarily close accounts. Thank goodness I don't have a Kindle, but if I did, apparently you lose everything that was connected with your account, including all of your Kindle purchases/downloads, and your Kindle basically becomes a brick.

    Morisa, I actually did use the exchange/replacement option, quite frequently in fact, but the exchanges/replacements were almost never in better condition, plus after a while, I couldn't keep track of everything, so I would end up returning everything and just placing a new order. At least that way, I could be like, okay, these books are from this order and they cost this amount, and those books are from that order and they cost that amount.
  3. I've been a Nordstrom customer for years. I don't know the exact specifics about their return policy, but I'm a level 3 and I bring back A LOT of stuff to them. I mean, what I buy outweighs my returns, but I still feel like a pain. I used to worry about it because I tend to return there so much (all brand new condition) but the sales associates seem very understanding. They've never mentioned anything about my account being in danger of being banned from returns, and I think as long as your returns are legitimate and they see you're a loyal customer, it's not an issue. I wonder if it's on a case by case basis.
    If anyone knows the specifics, that'd be great. I'd love to know too.
  4. I heard from the LV store, they will track customers who has a lot of returns and bann them from the store.
  5. Oh well, their loss if you take your business elsewhere. I return quite often to many stores as I shop for people. If they don't like it-I'll just move on to another store. Plus they truly can't ban you unless you use their store credit card!
  6. Wow -- this is a great thread. Thank you, everyone, for all the great info.
  7. Noone should be banned for returning. Last time I heard returning is not a crime and for stores to say they suspect fraud is actually the criminal part...they just don't like returns so they try to paint the person as a criminal
  8. This why all these department stores are doing so badly and going bankrupt..treating their customers like criminals for returning.
  9. when your company gets big enough to a point where you have hundreds of employees its hard to give people the right to make a 'judgement' call and believe me there are abusers of this policy! (don't we all cringe a bit when we hear of others returning used goods or when they order online and they get used merchandise??)

    so they must rely on some sort of ground rule i suppose that vary from company to company.

    trust me if you return more then you buy or literally return everything you buy they don't see you as helping them from not being bankrupt so much as causing them to go bankrupt.

    if you buy more then you return (not equal, or more returns then buy) then i'm sure the company would be stupid to do so and then, you'd have a valid point..
  10. I was thinking about returning a pair of shoes at Saks when I read their return policy online. Turns out they can ban you! :cry:

    "We recognize that returns are important to our customers. To ensure a positive shopping experience for all our customers, if we identify through electronic analysis an unreasonable return pattern, we may restrict or refuse future transactions from such customers at Saks Fifth Avenue or at"
  11. Do you have an unreasonable return pattern? If not, then you should not be worried. Yes of course they can ban you, but only if they perceive you to be a chronic buyer & returner. :yes:
  12. I don't believe I do for Saks, but I might at Nordstrom...eeks. Hope they don't ban people there. It's one of my favorite stores.
  13. ^I wonder what they consider unreasonable?
    I return a lot because I have to order online and sizing is always a problem.
  14. I currently work at the Pink by Victoria's Secret store and we have a return policy where you are only allowed between 6-7 returns within a three month period. We have a separate machine called the TRE where we scan a customer's license and punch in how many items they are returning and for how much.

    I know someone mentioned a while back about companies warning a customer that they are nearing their return limits and to reassure you, VS does warn their customers when they get to that point. Once a return is put into the TRE, a printout will come out with a warning message alerting the customer that they are nearing their limit. At least it won't come as a shock to them the next time they make a return and they are declined.

    I see nothing wrong with a company wanting to keep track of their customers returns. With this economy, a large amount of returns with have a drastic effect on the company. A lot of customers have a lot of negative things to say when asked for their license, but I really don't see the big deal. Just be more wary of the purchases you make so you don't have to make the return. In terms of buying in store, they have fitting rooms for a reason so you can try things on and determine the fit so that way you can make your final decision on whether or not to make the purchase. Just my two cents on the matter, but everyone sees it differently!
  15. Sometimes I think I would be lucky to be banned -- it would curtail my shopping.:p