Banned from LV boutique!!!!!!

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  1. I think I should stop going to the LV boutique, I really cant leave without a purchase. How many of you just go to browse and look ? I was at my store 3 times this week, it doesnt help I pass it everyday. I think I will just go in to look and I walk out with something. I used to be ok, just looked and if I saw something I was like ok, I will think about it, now I cant resist to buy something, even if it's a small something. I am not going on a bag ban but a store ban!!!! I hope it works.:nuts:
  2. good idea if your rich I guess its ok if not you can go really broke.
  3. haha Im totally the same, its a good job I live about 30 minutes from my store but in september I will have to go past the store EVERYDAY haha Twice because I have to get past it to go to college. God the SA's will be sick of me and I will only probably be window shopping :p
  4. Good Idea.
  5. I can't really walk in without buying anything either...SO I try to avoid it mostly.I never go in just to browse unless I'm with friends.
  6. I can and still do everyday after work before go to LV to get my eye fix of arm candy before heading for the train station home.:p
  7. I also hate walking out empty handed
  8. Hahahaa, when I saw this topic I wondered what you must have done in there, especially after seeing so many threads about rude LV SA's - I thought you must have asked something terrible rude of the poor snooty SA, like to purchase a bag from out the back rather than the shelf one that has been pawed at my 2,000 people daily! :amuse:

    Still I know what you mean, it must be such a temptation and to always want to leave with something is very easy when they make very small items as well as the large, more expensive ones. :push:
  9. I used to be that way but I'm not that bad anymore. I know which things I'm looking for and if they don't have them, I don't buy anything else.
  10. Iam like that too, only because an SA shows you something doesn't mean you have to buy it...
  11. its for this reason I do not go to LV unless I am acutally purchasing. I can't just stop in and look around.
  12. It's hard for me to browse and look. If I go to the boutique, my intention is to buy. And even when I go just to look...I know i will end up buying something anyway.
  13. Haha , my store isnt snooty, I go to other boutiques and they are so snooty and rude and dont want to even talk. HMM funny I rarely buy there, it is in atlantic city , so I am sure they get alot of lookers and dont belive you want to purchase.
  14. I am not that bad either as well.. getting better but currently I am on a scarf twilly and shawl crazy stage so I tends to take away from those corner ;)
  15. Oh no, I do not go just to look. It is not very convenient for me anyway, I live 45 minutes from the LV boutique and I am also a mother of three young kids (and I do not like to browse with them in tow)!