Banned (but funny!) commercial

  1. WARNING . . . . . contains adult language!
    (Not Safe For Work)

    YouTube - Wanna learn english
  2. LOL!! I laughed my butt off. So funny :roflmfao: .
  3. That is so funny LOL.
  4. I don't get it. Can anyone please explain it to me? Thanks.
  5. Lol, that's hilarious!
  6. lol
  7. :lol: Think not!
  8. Hee hee
  9. :lol:
  10. :nuts: :roflmfao: Don't think we will see a commercial like this in the US in our lifetime!! I always find some commercials in Europe really edgy and to the point.
  11. Hahahahahahahaha! I remember this commercial! :lol:
    It was a big joke here. It was played in the Netherlands (Holland) which is our mother country as we're part of the Netherland Kingdom.
    That was so funny! The thing is that most people in Holland speak English as it's given as a subject in school.
  12. It's a language training institude. The whole reason for the commercial is that if these people KNEW how to speak English they wouldn't be bobbing their heads to this song. The only reason they are dancing to it is b/c they don't understand what the song is saying. Get it?
  13. They're bobbing their heads to the beat, not understanding the lyrics to the song.
  14. I have seen this before, it's hilarious! I love how the little girls in the back seat sway back and forth. Ha ha!
  15. Lmao!