Bananasoup anyone?

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  1. Does anyone know if their Paddies are fake or real? I bought a great 'liner' thingy from them - made by VIP, you can put most of your handbag contents into it and move between bags (it has one main compartment and multiple pockets).:yes:

    But the pictures of their Paddies look 'plasticy' to me. But maybe it is because they are the 07? They are offering them at £595, a bargain. Not being anything like an expert, I ask you to look and give your opinions:
  2. There's threads about them all over the forum - I think the general consensus is fake.
  3. The leather is smooth, paddies are suppose to be wrinkly ..stay away!!
  4. I didn't do a search, but I haven't run across any threads (and I've looked at lots!). So I thought I'd post this in case they'd not been 'authenticated' by the resident experts :yes:

    Thing is, they guarantee authenticity How does a retailer get away with that? One thing to do it on eBay, but as a shop??? They are also members of 'safe online buying' type communites... :confused1::confused1:
  5. I vote FAKE. :cursing::push::yucky:
  6. :roflmfao: y'got accent reet lass.

    There are loads of companies like that who say they offer authentic products - I'm an internet and e-commerce student I'll have to have a look at their legal statements at the moment, there will probably be a loophole somewhere.........
  7. topics like this belong in the Authenticate This! sticky provided.
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