Banana Republic Handbag - Which is your favorite?

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  1. #1 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    I'm thinking of ordering one of these handbags for wearing to the office in Spring / Summer. They are on sale... Which of the four (3 chalk, one green) do you like best?

    I had trouble with the photos - I posted them 2 posts down (sorry!)
    Flatiron medium shoulder bag
    Regular Price $230.00 Now $161.00

    Nantucket medium satchel
    Regular Price $230.00 Now $161.00

    Nantucket small shoulder bag
    Regular Price $170.00 Now $119.00

    And this last one also comes in a really beautiful green. I was going to get a white/ off white bag but the green is tempting!

    Nantucket small shoulder bag
    Regular Price $170.00 Now $119.00
  2. Love the Nantucket small shoulder in both colors!
  3. Flatiron br625987-01viv01.jpg

    Nantucket Medium br625506-01viv01.jpg

    Nantucket Small br625510-01viv01.jpg

    Nantucket Small br625510-02viv01.jpg
  4. I say the Nantucket Medium. I love satchels!
  5. I like the Nantucket Medium.
  6. The Nantucket small in white!
  7. To me, the Flatiron looks more like an "office" type of bag. I definitely prefer it over the others. The medium is nice as well though. It actually reminds me of the Coach Sabrina bag. :smile:
  8. Thanks! It is almost a tie :smile:
    I was thinking the same thing - that the medium Nantucket looks a little like the Sabrina...
  9. That Nantucket Medium is very pretty!

    The flatiron does look classy and elegant,
    but it has a flap.

    Flaps make bags a p.i.t.a.

    For me they do anyway.
    I like to be able to get into a bag w/o having to set it down.
  10. foul temptress - that is EXACTLY what I was thinking. I would say the Flatiron is my favorite - except I am not thrilled with the flap... I love the Nantucket Medium and it does look to me like a more expensive bag than it is, but then I am worried that it will be awkward over my shoulder and even though I don't mind carrying a bag in my hand I will eventually put it on my shoulder (or at least try) - It's just what I do!!! While the small is not as business -like, I might get it and use it more casually. I looks comfy and very usable. So this is my whole problem - I go around in circles... I decide on one and then I say "but the other ones have this/that" and it never ends!!! This is probably why I don't have more bags than I do - I can never decide. It is so frustrating!
  11. I really like the Flatiron. It looks neat and clean and like it will be easy to find your things in it.
  12. I like the flatiron bag and the nantucket medium satchel. Those would be the best choices for the office. Nice bags!! liking the chalk color!
  13. I vote for the small shoulder bag in green!
  14. Hrmmm, honestly, none of those really gelled with me, but if you like them, go for it!

    I would narrow it down to what would hold everything you bring to the office best, and then what would look best with the max. number of outfits.

    Hope you find a BR coupon code (if there are any out right now) when you make your purchase!
  15. Nantucket Medium would be my choice.