Banana Republic Fillmore Deep Satchel

  1. I know there have been several "negative" threads about Banana Republic in general, but I wanted to post a positive one for a change.

    I just purchased the Fillmore deep satchel in patent leather PLUM color - it's a new color, not on the site yet. Here's an eBay link to it for reference (until I get my own pictures up):

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (Pictures culled from that auction)

    I have to say, it's been years since I've purchased such an inexpensive bag (I'm sorry if this comes off the wrong way). This bag retailed for $198, BUT apparently, there was a promotion this past weekend where if you use your BR card, you get 40% off of all handbags! I was prepared to purchase it at regular price, so imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to have it for 40% off!

    Anyway, I need to gush about the quality of this bag. The patent leather is very lush and thick - not at all hard or stiff. The quality reminds me of the YSL trubite tote in Plum that I purchased this past summer (but returned because I couldn't justify keeping a $900 bag in a color that I was unsure of). The BR bag has the same patent leather feel as the YSL. Overall, the bag feels very substantial and well-made. The chain with the bag is also detachable and has a nice weight to it. Inside the bag, there are nice compartments and a key fob. It also comes with its own dustbag!

    So, I just want to let everyone know to not hesistate buying a BR bag. They really are very well-made. And, if you are lucky, there are deals waiting to be had on them.

    Thanks for reading! :flowers:
  2. beautiful bag! i love that color.
  3. Wow! What a great color and gorgeous bag! Thanks for the post
  4. This thread just goes to show: if you have taste and style -- you can find it anywhere and carry it off with smashing success. Congrats to having the confidence to choose what you like, instead of the "it" bags. You've made a great find!
  5. very cute :smile: congrats on the great deal
  6. i've been admiring that bag for a while now - great to know it's worth it. I think i may get one!
  7. I purchased this one on saturday and with the 40% off it was under $150 !!!
    The leather is awesome.
  8. Purple patent leather, I'm in heaven!! :girlsigh:Well done SuLi, it's gorgeous. I spend so much $ at BR (for work clothes, etc) how did I miss this sale?!?! Kicking myself now, after seeing this one. Enjoy!
  9. Oooh. I like both of your bags. Congrats on the great deals.
  10. I've never been a purple girl but I've been tempted by Mulberry and Lanvin but WOW this is gorgeous and such a great deal so Congrats and I want one!
  11. I've wondered about BR handbags. Thanks for sharing. Looks nice! :yes:
  12. Congrats :tup: Nice score! I have a BR bag from 2 years ago and *still* get compliments on it all the time!
  13. Here are my pictures...

    I'm sorry about the spotted mirror and the casual gym clothes (I stayed home today because I got a bit sick from a flu shot).
    Picture 398.jpg Picture 399.jpg Picture 400.jpg Picture 401.jpg
  14. GORGEOUS!!! I want one too! It looks fab on you, thanks for posting. Hope you feel better :sleepy:
  15. I love that color and the style! I will have to check it out! Thanks for presenting it to us:tup: