Ban Starts.....TODAY!

  1. Just had to share my new Paradiso Ciao! Can't wait to use it! :yahoo:
  2. Oooh~ You got the bag that I'm going to quest for, next~ It's so cute! :biggrin: I'm on a ban, too... well I was for a day... and then I slipped... but I'm back on!! (Damn eBay :p)
  3. Congrats! I love the Ciao and your Paradiso is beautiful! I am on a ban too (not purchasing older prints besides L'AMore and the next releases). So far, I've been a very good girl! Yay!
  4. aww cloud making people... cuteness lol
  5. So cute! I love Paradiso. I think we're all on "bans" right now *lol*:roflmfao:
  6. Aww, cute Ciao!
  7. eek!!! sooo cuute!!! :biggrin: congrats!! oooh and good luck with the ban ... I haven't been very good with keeping mine .. haha
  8. Congrats, that is a really cute print....I think I need one too:p
  9. congrats on the ciao! i think i need a paradiso bag now :sweatdrop:
  10. omg lol, i love the one playing video games xD
  11. omg, soooo cute!! I love the kid with the sushi and mozarella next to it!!
    I need to be banned!!
  12. Thanks for all the comments! I'm so happy with the characters I got on this one. I'm really liking the video game kid, but the pink eyed girl kind of freaks me out....
    May have to give the LV a rest for a few days. ;)
  13. I never noticed the video game kid! Awesome! ohhhh.. I thought I was going to skip Paradiso, but it keeps growing on me. Cute bag, sparklyseahorse! &good luck on your ban. :biggrin:
  14. Congratz!!! Great bag sparklyseahorse! I love ciao's.