Balny wasn't too helpful!!

  1. I called balny and taked to an sa, didnt ask her name, she wasn't very helpful, I asked to see about the aqua city, I have seen photos of several and some have more green than others so I was hoping she could pick one out for me and maybe send me a photo? She was very dry and just said" they're all the same"!
    I emailed Daphne 2 days ago and haven't heard from her yet. I dont want to buy a bag without at least seeing a photo of it. What should I do?? Aloha rag has none and no luck at NM or Barneys. Oh I forgot to mention I want one with RH not GH.

  2. I bought my Aqua City from BalNY sight unseen. I just described exactly what I wanted as far as color and leather and my SA did a great job picking out exactly that. My SA is Terry. If you describe what you want, they know what you are talking about unlike some other places.

    On eBay they have 2 Aqua's right now which you can see pictures of.
  3. I think Daphne has been off the past couple of days - she is usually very quick to reply to emails.
  4. try calling daphine and ask her to send you pics she probably forgot:shrugs:
  5. Also, just from the experiences I've had - the earlier in the day you catch them, they are more helpful and willing to give more time over the phone...

    After lunch-time, I think it may get busier in there, and definately after about 5pm I wouldn't call unless that is the only time you can.
  6. ^So true! When I call in the morning I am usually able to talk to someone right away. When I call in the evening I am usually put through to the SA's voicemail because they are busy helping a customer on the floor and have to wait until they call me back.
  7. Saks Fifth Ave in Boca Raton has an Aqua City with RH. I don't remember if it had more green in it, but Saks has a *fantastic* return policy and if it's not what you are looking for, you can return it and just be out the shipping. At least you know you can get your money back, unlike BalNY. My SA is Debbie (Al Reemer is also fantastic!) and their number is 561 620 1355 if you want to give it a shot.

    I wish you well,

  8. Oh crud!
    I am such a newbie!
    I called and ordered an aqua City from BalNY today, sight unseen and *gulp* no specifcations. I want RH not GH. What am I gonna get??
  9. Did they tell you the total? GH is a lot more than the RH.

  10. A beautiful bag--sometimes it's easier to just go for it rather than having too many options and stressing over it. If you hate it, you can send back for an exchange. good luck!!
  11. Daphne is off until Friday. I would just wait until she returns. I love the bags she picks.
  12. KIm is another good SA, she picked my french blue and did a great job, but before Kim I had spoken to some how can I say less than helpful SA's:sad:
  13. if you really want an aqua city from balNY i would call right away though cuz when i talked to Daphne last week she said they only had a few left.
  14. First, let me tell you that they don't really just send pics to everyone who asks for it.

    Have you purchased from there before? It helps when you have, and you have to state in your email that you've purchased from so and so and now you are also interested in purchasing a _______.

    If you're calling, you have to specify what you like. Smooth, wrinkly, thick, veiny, etc. When I call there or email I sometimes get a very cold response but they always manage to send me bags exactly to my specifications. I don't really expect them to be the friendliest people in the world, all I want is an amazing bag...and they always manage to satisy me.

    A lot of the SA's there are stormed with endless phone calls and emails about people inquiring about certain items but have no plan whatsoever to purchase from them.

    Also, I believe Daphne's normally off on tuesdays and wednesdays. they all share the same email. Best chance is to call and leave a message through their voicemail (they each have one) - that way you ensure that she gets your message.
  15. I love Terry she is so nice..