balny vs aloharag - your experiences

  1. Hello:

    I am wondering which is the best place to get b-bag thru the phone?? I live in CAnada & I am planning to order a rouille twiggy. I have heard Aloha Rag will have free shipping & Bal, NY will charge $70 US for shipping. What are your experience with ordering from each place? Can you please share? Will they include extra tassels, etc? Is it save to order from Aloha Rag? Thanks!
  2. hey ya!
    i've ordered from both places! You get everything! A wonderful white balenicaga box, dust bag, cards, tassel etc...
    i found both places to be great but i liked Aloha Rag because the shipping was free!!
    good luck and i hope you get your twiggy soon!!!
  3. I haven't personally ordered through Aloha Rag. But I've heard good things. I believe they include the extra tassels and you get the nice hard Balenciaga box. Saving the money on shipping is huge! If you email them, they're good about emailing you back within a day or two with a list of what's available and a pdf of photos!
  4. Aloha Rag is amazing, so fast, Free federal express shipping and no tax
    (at least to California there was no tax), they were soooo nice and helpful !
  5. Wow, they will include photos too??? that's good to know. :yes: Thanx!
  6. I've never purchased anything from Aloha Rag so I'm sorry I can't comment on them. But, I did purchase a B-bag from Bal NY. It was a seamless transaction. I placed my order over the phone (they took my order before the store even opened actually - I called them an hour before opening but they took it anyway). I requested next day FedEx shipping and paid with my credit card. Less than 24 hours later, FedEx was at my door with my package. It was packaged beautifully in the huge white BALENCIAGA box, tissue paper, business cards, post card etc. And yes, the bags come with a packet of extra tassles.

    I recommend them highly. I am in the US but can't imagine that an international transaction would be of any less quality.
  7. I have ordered from Bal NY store. The SA who originally helped me got promoted and my order got transfered to another SA before I got my First. She wasn't as nice as my first SA. I was in Aloha Rag 3 weeks ago. I was interested in getting the Purse in red or ink. They didn't have the red, but George was soooooo helpful. He brought out everything I asked for and more!!!!!! I didn't buy anything that day and I made that clear to him @ the beginning b/c I really want the purse in red (due out in June). But he was very nice and helpful. I highly recommend Aloha Rag.
  8. HelenNZ, do you think Aloha Rag will help me pick a less veiny, & less distress leather bag??
  9. I never got a box when I ordered a bbag from balny.
  10. When I purchased my City from BalNY I did not receive a box either, not that it matters. I would go with the free shipping and no tax (if applicable) from Aloha Rag.
  11. i have had good experiences with both places.
  12. :yes: My experience with Bal NY has been more than perfect every time. I highly suggest using them:biggrin:
  13. Can I have the number for Aloha Rag THANKS
  14. Have yet to order from BalNY even though I did preorder from them once and then cancelled it. But AlohaRag is awesome. I have always had a good experience with them. You can specify your preference for leather, you can return the bag for a refund if your not happy, shipping is free, and did I mention that Jumpei (the S.A.) is nice? He is the best in terms of customer service as far as I can tell. HTH!

    BTW, AlohaRag does not do phone orders for b-bags.. strictly email but they are very prompt.

    (808) 589-2050
  15. what is there email if you have it PLEASE