balenciaga wallets

  1. hey any of you have a balenciaga wallet that holds credit cards, coins & bills.....

    do they even make one that holds all?

    If you do can you please post pics......


    p.s oh I am thinking of buying a wallet but not sure which one....
  2. i have the compagnon wallet in bordeaux. i really love it because it holds so much. i can also use it as a clutch. i'll try and post pics tonight.
  3. thanks...looking forward to it.....
  4. I have a Compagnon too, and absolutely love it, roomy and it can be
    a clutch as well as esile stated above....
  5. just to echo everyone else - i have the compagnon (in olive) and it is the best (most functional) wallet I have ever used! definitely thumbs up.
  6. guccigoo, here are pics of my compagnon.
    i put a lipstick next to it, so you can get an idea of the size.
    there's tons of storage compartments and lots of cc slots.
    i simply love mine. :love:
    wallet1.jpg wallet2.jpg wallet3.jpg wallet4.jpg
  7. do they come in 2 sizes? gorgeous btw! If anyone is searching for a new home for their me! :angel:
  8. yes, there's a mini compagnon too.
    not ready to part with mine. ;)
  9. what's the price of the one you have, esile?
  10. Can you fit the full size Compagnon inside a First? If so, is there room for anything else?

    I really want a Balenciaga wallet, but I don't know what size I need.
  11. it's $505, but soooo worth it. i use it everyday, so i really do get my money's worth.

    rocksteady, it will fit into a first with spare room.
  12. Does anyone know of a place to purchase the Balenciaga mini compagnon wallet in USA?
    Thank you..
  13. aloha rag has the mini compagnon in stock for $495. as of last week, they had black, grey, cornflower, emerald, and lilac.
    but for slightly more, i personally prefer the regular size compagnon.
  14. does anybody have a picture of the mini one? i tend to like smaller wallets. yicks, $495! I just got a shrug for 50% off, which cost the same as the wallet.....i'll hold off for now, unless SOMEBODY (*hint!) is willing to part with their lovingly used compagnon. *wink
  15. here's a pic of the mini taken from LP's blog.
    they're both the same size in height, but the width of the mini is half of that of the regular compagnon.

    the price of the the bal wallets are really comparative to those of other designer brands. i don't know why it is but wallets tend to be so pricey even though they require so much less material to make. maybe it's the details in the craftsmanship. :blink: